International court of justice

To the International court of Justice:
Re: Crimes of lesser humanity, et all
Dear International Court of Justice:
This honorable ICJ has venue and legal jurisdiction to this case.
We citizens and the goverment are Bolivians and we lodge this complaint of crimes of lesser humanity against Evo Morales- A. GARCIA Linera's government and in their personal capacities, being committed since early August 2019 and ongoing arsons fluctuating between 100K-70K fire caused arson sites by Morales and his corporate transgenic soy- cattle, mining and fracking corporate and private owners and accomplices of Evo Morales, who signed DS 3973 misrepresenting as small controlled isolated burn and slash farming authorizatio and the fires are almost a month old and are not controlled small fires but big uncontrolled fires whose flames now are out of control and are old and cruelly live-burning to death countless millions of diverse species of terrestrial and marine fauna, including wounded and burnt people by these uncontrolled arsons, who are now suffering physical and psychologically. Uncontrolled fires and arsonists of Evo Morales, the ring master, have burn private homes and left unaccounted scores of victims, homeless, toxic smoke exposure, women and children have lost their property animals, etc. And are famined and thirsty.
Defendant Morales publicly admitted and still refuses to doze off the unaccounted out of control fires, he intelectually directed and/or authored with his decree DS3973 year 2019, which threatens with death thousands and thousands of Bolivian citizens and Morales has continued to the present refused to summon international help and lied the fires are now controlled, yet more fauna and flora and homes are burning. Tacitly Morales wants to continue his authored arson policy, and hand millions of hectars of land to his accomplices and his bisiness asociates of soy, cattle,mining and fracking gas, so the latter will deliver their votes in exchange of these
Amazonan lands, to insure his private presidential reelection, at the expense of holocausting and genociding fauna, flora and indigenous like me.
We file this complaint and/or charge of crimes of lesser humanity against us Bolivian indigenous citizens, comitted by the named defendants and their government.
The second charge is their malicious negligence to contain these deathly uncontrolled & uncountable fires, for he is sent a rag tag mascarading firemen and volunteers showed up, both without proper fire extingushing means and training. Many of these untrained fire people, are ill equipped and most without equipment like axes, shovels, and without fire trucks and airborn tankers or chinook fire fighting helicopters and the like.
third charge is violation of human rights to shelter, food, safety, fredom of speech, right to safety, right to life and violation of our privacy and violation to enjoyment of peace and health
Please accept our complaint and assign us a case-legal number
As legal precedents, we cite the Nuremberg trial and statutes, the UN charter of human rights 1-12 and the OAS charter of human rights
1-10 and the Universal Declation of human rights, 1-20.
Domitila Mamani &Ellie Campos, complainants, because our lives are risk by the government, we cite only a legal address in the USA:
PO Box 1654
Ventura, CA, 93002-1654

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