World alert against Jewish Genocide!

2 hrs ago, one more example of the multiple premeditated, murderous vehicular attacks took place place in Rhode Island, against peacefully seated Jewish American citizens, singled out for being Jewish.
This is the genesis of an unjust and unprovoked Jewish genocide taking place under the current Administration of Mr Trump.
Mr Trump stop your anti-semitic genocide of peaceful lawabiding Jewish Americans who you are singling out for being Jewish and for standing against your ICE concentration Camps of Mexican, Central & South American inmigrants in the USA.
When the Jewish citizens said Never Again to you, your well paid viscious, law enforcers drove over the top of them, like the Brown shirts of 1936-1939.
Please e everyone write, fax, call to stop Mr Trump. Its genocide again against the Jews, against latin americans and, who is gonna be next.
Never agains is now!

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