Open letter to D. Trump

Open letter to Mr D Trump
Re: Amazon Holocaust and genocide
Sir D. Trump:

How sad is your decision to stand iddle and still freeze your super tankers when you know your contracteeEvo is maliciously burning our millenarian trees, to deliver for free millions of hectars of Amazonian lands of ours in 14 years totalling 100 million HAS of millienarian trees.
You and ilegal diktator Evo sit iddle while millions of our livings beings, winged and not winged, are being holocausted and genocided as you read my lines, along with our brother-trees and we indigenous rain forrest keepers are becoming homeless beyond Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina... and imperiled to suffer this Evo's authored Holocaust and genocide, as 6 millions ionnocent jees suffered unjust Shoah before and during WWII and now under naziphileEvo. We sweat, cry and bleed trying to stop some small portion of these 70 thousand burning locations in our Amazons. And may not survive or become famined if we survived, what are we going eat and drink, when this holocaust and genociders-Evo's corporate transgenic soy and cattle, mining and fracking genociders-have and are burning our unique paradise-home, the Amazon, in exchange of votes to insure your Evo is 3rd time reelected illegally..
Today is your chance to make a U turn and order your contractorEvo to send his Conalcam, soldiers and policemen with buckets of water, Axes, shovels peeks and so on, and you have the chance to save BolivianAmerican neighbors with your airborn jumbo jet-supertankers, as you did for Chile, but if you don't act and we 2 million indigenous of Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina... become permanently dead or homeless and some of us survive this Evocreated DS 3973 Holocaust&genocide, as long as we live we will know who came to our help and who sat iddle as cold blooded silent accomplice, and froze the supertankers from taking off and chose for Evo and his 70 thousand burning sites holocaust and genocide us. And our brown and black brothers and sisters of the Americas living in USA shall know the racist who sat as silent Holocaust accomplice, and your Evo, who was installed& perpetuated in power by the mighty dollar and his creditors, he genocided the many of us and through millions of their mighty votes, they will cast their judgment, next year at the voting booths!
Do you wish to change your mind and help us with your supertankers?

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