Facebook as evil Monopoly/Oligopoly

Sind FB & Google böse Monopol und/oder olygopolisten?
Are FB & Google are evil monopolies and/or Olygopolists?

FB & Google are being probed by AGJames, K Paxton, the US justice Dpto, the US trade comission, the US Congress, etc!
For years we've been complaining to different state and semistate actos of power, about the lack of competition in the social media, monopolized by abusive an unconstitutional Facebook, Google..etc....because of their ilegal monopoly and/or oligopolies, lack of transparency, outright violations of constitutional and civil rights by Facebook& Google, whose racist, elitist abusive pattern conduct was and still are abusive under the childish excuse of being a private corporation. But these 2 private transnational corporations do not have the right to keep coluding, monopolizing and taking away our constitutional rights, human rights and user rights, because the social media is a public arena and not a private property and their evil, abusive policies need not only to be investigated by civil law but by criminal probes of widespread massive tax evasions, human rights violations, breach of privacy, etc.
We believe there is not kernel of truth coming from these 2 transnational corporations and need more investogations beyond state, federal but transnational practices both transationals have.
Little guys like Felipe which on the blog is FelipeesPueblo. And in the link that is followed by -en las calles without spaces and it can be found on blog spot. Facebook is so worried to lose a penny of revenue that they block me from encouraging people to learn more of the science of climate change, and more of the facism of the evodictador, that if I post the simple link Im accused of doing spam. However, I am not ask8ng money to read my blog. I have no advertisors, i dont care if I am liked or commented on. So all of facebooks rules about spam fail to apply, yet they continue to block my posts. In this way I am being singled out and retaliated against by facebook without due process, causing me the loss of my constitutional and civil rights, including the right of freedom of
speech. And to this day, Facebook still banned Dr Felipe Campos an insignificant blogger who advises for free many little people like me, because he challenged Facebook's monopoly and/or oligopoly, their retaliation and their banning of free speech, without a hearing or any due process, just because FB says so, falsely and maliciously alleging "you are making financial profits with your spam" Misrepresenting his peaceful voicing for the Amazons fires by Evo Morales, J Bolsonaro, which affects the health and lives of 8 billion citizens and Dr Campos is not making a penny nor practicing spann but peacefully calling out for help from international state actors to control and extinguish the fires not only of Amazons but elsewhere.
We social media users believe monopolies and olygopolies by both transnational corporations are irreversibly harmful, financually detrimental and a tyranny they impose in economic, political and social systems, crashing the nations and humanity. These two monopollists, who erroneously think they have the right to tell us what free speechis , what regime we should embrace and we should embrace their libra private money, which is another rip off to nations, users and humanity. These transnational actors are the iceberg's tip of Big brother and if we as humanity want to survive and have some say in our destiny and quality of lives, we need to question authority and question these transnational tyranies without accountability, regulations, rule of law and lack of transparency and of competition, who care not fir 8 billions of users and for humanity, but theirrl private interests of these less than 1% racist, elitists and intolerant religious Defacto rulers from behind the marionettes' of power.
And until the day FB and Goggle and others are Evil-Monopolist-broken-down as AT&T, MICROSOFT... we global users have a lot of peaceful dissent and peaceful fight ahead of us.

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