Its not my house burning, so what do I Care

Ist nicht unser Zuhause, was kümmern wir uns...?
Its not our house burning, what do we care...?

Why are we westerners so selfish to sign trade deals for red meat and soy and let the Russians, African, Asian and south american fires keep growing out of control and keep iddle our aerial-water-tankers and fire fighting equipment and say its not my US, or my EU house in fire, what do I care...?
Since we all breath the same oxygen and drink water and fruits freely produced by generous trees, shouldn't we care to stop our Earth's man made fires for red meat, soy, fracking and mining interests?
Well no trees no rain no oxigen, no food, starvation and drought will drive billions of staarving desperste people to our gates and are we going to say as usual "we don't want immigrants". When we had a chance for months to turn off the world's fires and our governments, our media and ourselves chose to sit iddle and implicitly let burn our neighbors' houses?
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