To BE or Not To BE

To be or not to be?

Do the transnational Evo Morales of the globe mean plenty food, health and life or famine, epidemies-cancers& Death?
Since his growing years, grasso ugly mug Evo Morales was a big talker, sex addict and money greedy growing later in elitist Tambo school in the Bolivian tropic. He the US-Bolivian sold his soul to the DevilishEmpire, who financed& put the grasso ugly conman to power for 14 years in Bolivia.
I grew shaking bees who marked my genes and frolicking with frogs and kicking the soccer ball in rainflooded home soccer fields and got stunk countless times for shaking the bees in my cupped hands and became the bee road map to bees in the land where I grew up and along my grandparents planted wild bushes, plants, clover, alfalfa and so forth.
The likes of Morales are Sociologist D'Jamvri transnational agents of penetration into the locust of villages, Amazonia and mountains. Impostors mascarading saviors to the centuries exploited indigenous. Morales brought an enormous external debt indebting us, our children and grandchildren generations for useless consumer goods instead of infraestructure or economicly sound factories but perpetuating economic dependence on the USA& China, after squandering 400 billion of petrodollars/14years, to pay the costs & for kick backs in 2500 sinthetic soccer courts and stadiums blue- white elephants, BuloBulo urea factory for his private narcococa global export. Poured 3 billion gallons of mercury, cloro,flouro, paraquat, 2.4D, gliphosate, insecticides, pesticides, defoliants in mining, oil,gas,fracking and toxicly contaminatingBolivia and deforesting 100 million HAS of Amazon and Subandean jungles for transnatuonal Neoliberal triole subsidized cattle Agrobusiness, oil, agroethanol, agrodiesel, fracking, mining,specially gold bound to china, India, USA,EU, while permanently distroying annual and free 6000 cubic mm of rainfall, trillions of metric tons of oxygen and bullions of tons of food the amazon and subAndean jungles produced. Now irreversibly burnt along with flora, fauna and ancient irreplaceable biodiversity, valued in trillions of dollars, gone in haystacks of smoke, polution and dead aquifers, compounded with oil caused climate catastrophe, by oil transnational accomplices of the Moraleses of the globe. And together they set on permanent famine, epidemies,cancers...while they con you with eternal economic growth.
Morales is signed secret deals wit ACI's offshoot, Acisa Systems from Germany to steal trillions of lithiumdollars for 70 years and this october 20th 2019 is ilegally running a fraud election to perpetuate himself.
Oil Transnationals and the Morales ask your support and reward.
Support for permanently exterminating your biodiversity, your flora and fauna and stealing your daughter's and your grandchildren's future?
Reward them with perpetual presidency for you bring the climate catastrophe, famine, epidemics, cancers, premature deaths of your children and grandchildren and the loss of your pregnancy baby because contaminated air causes you to experience a still birth?
These are the ugly consequencies both have brought us and impose on us, and if we don't want to be extinct we may need to peacefully go on with civil disobedience along with countless Extinction Rebellion braves have done for weeks over and over, we need to do it till the old trans-national actors of supranational power and the governments stop their schemes of "gradually change someday" and excuses and/or " or useless carbon tax and continue to intoxicate us with green house effect, they must abolish oil, gas, carbon, red meat, soy and their subsidies and switch permanently and inmediately to solar, wind geothermal energy and become vegan in order for our 8 billion humanity to have a chance of survival.

Mao Tse Tung exterminated pollinators and today the chinese pollinate badly by hand and it is expensive production without the natural and free pollinators. We can only survive as long as pollinators who produce 90% remain alive, for when they go extinct, everything is sky high cost and we're bound for extinction without them. You may want to use your garden/land patch for our pollinators nesting habitat, as they are being permanently exterminated with insectides, pesticides, loss of nesting habitat and food: plant fruit bushes, fruit trees, wild flower plants and drought resistant plants for bees, butterflies, birds and all sort of insect pollinators to feed and have a nesting habitat in your garden. I am currently caring for my wild bushes, flowers, wild clover etc to feed bees and give them a nesting habitat and if we all do use our land patches and flower pots , we can make our urban dwelling land for these free working prehistoric pollinators and answer the old questions:
Who am I?
To be or not to be, that is the question.
To be or not to be, I am a bee, a bee is what you are and I am. So why not both survive along with the bee and be a bee and you be a bee with me?

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