NEVER AGAIN means we are safe, doesnt it?

It seems like just yesterday cowardly german racists genocided 6 million innocent, unarmed european Jews. Yesterday powerful people began genocide against the indigenous Amazonians, Today antiklima racist military dictator is genocing we indigenous Bolivians to grab our Amazon lands, our gold and trillions of dollars worth of lithium. We heard and believed it would happen Never Again, yet it is happening again, to us. Today we are being genocided in Bolivia. Tomorrow it may be you?
What hapened to Never Again?
My Jewish grandma said we will never let it happen, no, Never Again. My Jewish-Indigenous mother said Never Again.
When is Never Again?
I say along with you & the 21st century world:
#NeverAgainIsNow !!
Please stop the Bolivian Genocide, don't sell Bolivia's govt weapons of war, nor tear gas, rubber bullets, wooden bullets, Neptune water canon trucks. Dont sell weapons of genocide to the "interim" military dictator racist genocidel cattle-owner Jeanine Anez . Please ask your government not to recognize her Dictatorship because even the French Press verified Anez deleted all her racist tweets to hide her racism and she threatens death to journalists who dare to write the truth about her genocidal acts against the indigenous. Thats why Bolivian media is mainly silent- for her to hide the scores of genocided indigenous and coutless bullet-wounded victims, while her dictatirship falsely alleges the indigeous shoot at each another.
With what?
The dictatorship is the only one who possesses all the weapons. Bolivia has no 2nd amendment.

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