Rabbi Jeffrey, Our Beacon of Hope

Dear Rabbi Jeffrey Newman:
Climabrave, We salute your brave & defiant action to challenge the #BlackAngelOfDeathOil, along with other XR members. Youre our Beacon grandfather & Rabbi for Jews and Non-Jews alike
If my grandma's generation had 10 million braves like you facing the WWII evil the Shoah would not have been easy for the Nazis!
You along with all XR are the beacons of light for all humanity to follow, do and challenge the trillions dollars evil & rich #BlackAngelOfDeathOil, till we humanity can become a new economic global model of solar wind, geothermic and vegan
May the God of Abraham bless your name and may your descendants live along with humanity a healthy future, clima and lives and be as many as the sand of the Earth.
#NeverAgainIsNow with Beacons of light like you!

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