Two Times Murgeted by Genocide Decree part1

@ Diplomaciaespanola
What kind of people do you call when the military police wages an Argentine style Dirty-war against unarmed people carrying the coffins of their murdereded family killed under #MurderByDecree. Instead of making a decree of #IMMEDIATEELECTIONS, Anez has decreed #GenocideDecree of AmericanBolivianIndigenous, to rip them off not only of their trillions of dollars worth of lithium, gold, oil, gas, water and Amazonian land for fracking, Redmeat and Soy, by taking their innocent lives instead of misdeamenor charges for vandalism, while they were #Protesting #BlockingTheStreet
How can you call sytematic legalized #IndigenousGenocideByDecree "Defending the Constitution, Democracy And #FreeTransparentElections under gun-point against the #QuechuaAymaraIndigenous people who object to this type of gunpoint #DefactoMartialLaw, #MartialLawDemocracy, who all are gassed, forced to kneel at gunpoint and get a coup de grace, execution style gunshot to the back of the head (SacabaGenocide). Now their unarmed families and with mourners are brutalized disproportionately with excessive deadly force by #InmunizedMilitaryPolice per their own #DefactoMilitaryAnez Regime?
Please ask them to abrogate @Decree4078 and LOP-LAW which excludes women from becoming presidential candidates and
Do not recognize this #DeadyRegime. Please embargo weapons of war and weapons of repression like #TearGas #Rubberbullets And money to them, until they call for #ImmediateElections and respect the Bolivian Constitution, the UN Charter and OAS Charter and the Nuremberg laws which forbid legalized #EthnicGenocide and other Crimes against Humanity, like the generation of my grandmother's and what they endured in Shoah by a Regime like the #Anezmilitarydictator Regime. In Germany they changed the Weimar Constitution by nazi ethnic laws and ripped off of the property and professions of the Jewish citizens calling them "less human", and 6 millions of innocent unarmed Jews suffered ihuman and cruel #GenocideByDecree while the world knew it but chose to remain silent and idle. Now as this present world remains silent, the #BolivianIndigeousGenocide is happening again, just as when the Spanish crown did it and shamefuly unremorsed called it "the conquest!
American Academia and Jews like me say like our gradmothers Vera and Rachel told us since childhood, NEVER AGAIN, #NeverAgainIsNow,
if you don't stop crimes of Humanity in countries tha are dependant on your goverment. So next year don't be surprised if our American people are the unstopable wind that will clean the office of the inplicit accomplices of #Decree4078 and Oil pollucion, with an American wind of change, for we the People are the government for, by and of the People, who will deliver judgment on Election day via our vote, peacefully, in the voting booths and justice willl be done the American way!
Felipe Campos
A law abiding, peaceful individual, survivor of military torture and still exiled.

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