Diary of a Coup Against Democracy

Foreign Contractor executed plan Sebastian Pagador & implanted Defacto Anezmilitary Government in Bolivia.

Bolivia dollar trillonaire Lithium, gold, Indio, gas Red meat & soy one of the vital interests targets to the greatest mighty power in the globe.
The contractor deployed an experienced coup maker crew, lead by a seasoned coup maker and a former Bolivian president.
The seasoned coup maker had been involved in the abrupt Barrientos change of government, the Banzer and the Garcia Meza coup D'etar anong others and its last would become the Anezmilitary Government. The contractor decided to give EForonda an indefinite leave following the implanting of the Anezmilitary Government. 
The other contractee was TutoQuiroga, who after the coup, would run the Anezmilitary Government foreign affairs without needing to become appointed a chancellor, but advised by the now palace Advisor and foreign embassy advisor of the mightiest country on the globe.
The Contractor sent the key words and A AlmagroCia's OEA election2019 auditing investigation conclusions.
Awoken Morales in bed, was shoked by it, specially when Almagro refused to amend and delay the conclusion of the accusations the auditors reached, " very significant irregularities of the elecctions and the process of elections"

Romero, Calderon and Kaliman called irked Morales more, "Camacho Pumari unrest groups have ovewhelmed small police precints but the biggest threat come es from Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Potosi and almost all Nal police, who have mutineed and not even 100% pension causes them to abandon the Nal police mutinee and Grover Rojas is meeting along other force military commanders with Kaliman. We are waiting confirmation of a developing coup from Tuto Quiroga"

Contractees Foronda and Quiroga being ready with their coup and plan Sebastian Pagador, reached Grover Rojas, the army head, who with commanders and admirals was with Kaliman but he walked out and upon hearing it, returned to Kaliman, the comander of all the military 30 thousand active troops, ready at their barracks to execute Sebastian Pagador.
When social unrest CamachoPumari group, was ambushed by Morales Masistas with dinamites, gun shots and sticks.
Army commander Rojas like a Pinochet said to his superior. Kaliman, "We have to fulfill our duties under the organic law of the military to protect the people and the territorial integrity, tell Morales to resign now or he will have to face the consequences"
Kaliman closest ally of Morales, scanned the other commanders faces, all leaned towards him along with Rojas. "I will suggest it"
Then they heard kaliman phoning, " No we're not going to execute Sebastian Pagador and end up in prison like Sanchez de Lozada's former commanders for shooting on people... there are social clashes between Camacho' s followers and yours. It will grow out of control and will be countless dead. I suggest you resign to pacify the country..."

Foronda and Quiroga moved their pieces of chest mastefully for the next move. Romero and Zabalaga picked up snippets that Nal police chief Calderon had delivered a letter to JAnez, what they didn't know was when and what did it contain and what Anez role was and phoned Morales. Upon this, Morales went public,reuterating his denunciation of a coup D'etat Military-civil and suddenly added, "I resign..." on Nov 10th.
Foronda and Quiroga frown their hands, their plan was rolling ahead but their electronic monitor survelliance on all comunications in Bolivia had missed Morales last hour whereabouts. Where and what was he doing?
"Never mind, he is a eunuch now, he can't f...with us" Foronda a seasoned coup maker sentenced to Quiroga, who wondered what to do next.
" Order Rojas to order the Air force comander to pick up Jeanine and go for Morales Jugular before he hit us back and we get another failure like Carmona's" said of Carmona, the failed coup in Venezuela.

"Evo Morales has resigned" and with a letter on her hands, added words to the effect, " the police has been owerwhelmed by protestors, we're asking the military forces be mobilized on the streets to protect the people. " on TV heard uninformed Bolivians. And Foronda and Quiroga had assambly senator Jeanine Anez, picked up in Beni and flown to La Paz city

Foronda and Quiroga phoned Grover Rojas and he acted, swiftly, orally charging on Kaliman at Military operations headquarters,
" The colonels are going to deploy and we're going to be arrested and I won't permit you to delay anylonger, give the order to execute plan Sebastian Pagador, to protect the people"
Kaliman had assamblied all comanders and Admirals and they were nervous. What kaliman had not known, was that Foronda and Quiroga had assambled colonels to execute the coup if their their contracted commanders and admirals hesitated or betrayed them, for it was vital to have the change of government to ensure Lithium for the mighty contractor's country and so on.
In those crucial hours Kaliman received calls from Morales and it was irking Rojas, Camacho, Foronda and Quiroga, "will Kaliman do it or turnover the plan Sebastian Pagador for Morales and what will happen to us if he turnsover for Morales?"
"Worry not, we are Americans and won't dare to touch us, so let's push the next face..." Foronda reassured Quiroga a binational Texas graduate alumnus in computer science.
Kaliman pushed out of his hesitation, went with his chieffs of staff to the adjacent large room, and before the cameras, sentenced words to the effect " We've receied Calderon's Letter and based on our organic military law, we are going to cooperate with police duties and our military forces, for our country...I am ordering military forces on the streets to protect the people
"Police have been overwhelmed and to protect the people" shocking the journalists and viewers, for Kaliman had they had been told the military wouldnt intervene but The military was doing it now, under the excuse, to protect the people, but to CamachoPumar, the civil leaders of the coup, it was already time and becoming late, for a Potosi group had been ambushed in Vila Vila.
And Bolivians saw then, mobilized military and police, on war fatigues and armed to the teeth.
Almost within 10 hours, JZabaleta the Defense minister met with Kaliman and delivered an incriminating letter against Kaliman, stating with evidence, "President Morales has never ordered the execution of plan Sebastian Pagador" Heavely implying insubordination and sedition by Kaliman and his command of chieffs of staff, who were executing under the execuse of protecting people a soft coup D'etat against Morales.

Morales had suffered a civil military coup Detat and knowing his contractor, had recruited him from Tambo School and years later had financed Morales through SorosCia to the presidency, he with double discourse had faithfully served Neoliberal policies of his contractor but had fallen out of favor with the contractor, who Morales now knew had consumated the Coup D'Etat and CamachoCia was seeking veiled revenge and wanted him eliminated,. With these unconfirmed elimination plot, the out of favor contractee Morales was crumbling down. BORDA resigned and they were seeking to imorison hus cousin M E Choque from ill fated TSE and election fraud charges were buzzing heavy in their ears. 
Foronda and Quiroga pushed for arresting MEDINACELLI, who then resigned the Assambly seat.

"Tuto I need your help and assurances for them not to kill Evo" texted Salvatierra, the president of the senate, right after hearing Evo was out of favor with the Contractor and his head was beeing sought"
Received several texts for he didn't want to talk. So Tuto and Foronda discussed it thorougly and decided to extorsion Salvatierra, who wanted to save Evo& his group hole in a spider hole in the Bolivian Tropic.
" I will save him if you resign and leave along with them"
"Fine, I will announce my resignation and leave too"
Foronda was delighted and shortly after, told Quiroga to go ahead, and the latter let Salvatierra know it soon after Salvatierra resigned.
Rojas, Kaliman along with the command accepted it and authorized Tuto's brokearing Evo, Alvaro's one way flight on a Mexican military Jet but didn"t want the military self incriminating on the Coup and Evo's rescue flight, so Foronda had Tuto get the civil DGAC authorize the flight and within 48 hours of nov 10th 2019, The coup makers of plan Sebastian Pagador had Evo fly away on 1 of AMLO's military jets and Evo was out of the way.
Foronda& Quiroga were frustrated with the sudden change of mind when they pried and got confirmation Salvatierra may claim the presidential sucession and that would cause them a Carmona Fiasco in Bolivia ordered C. MesaCia enter the Murillo plaza with his followers, for CamachoPumari informed them their caravan was road blocked and couldn't make it on time.
Foronda and Quiroga, both desperatelly reached Calderon and ordered his police force to close and block the access to all MAS Assambly from reaching to the Assambly building to claim sucession. 
the ALP MAS assambly members were salvagelly beat up and gassed making it impossible for Salvatierra to claim presidencial sucession, for she was dispersed and when Foronda and Quiroga heard some Assambly members had met and had not authorize Anez sucession to the presidency for there was no quorum and were opposing her, they tabled the issue of succesion and when they went out heard Salvatierra and most members were impeded in accessing and doing their work at their work place: The ALP BUILDING.
"Damn it, get inside along the Assambly and unilaterally take presidencial succession oath" ordered Foronda& Quiroga, to Anez, "The camaras are on. Go in and do it, for you know MAS has 2/3. Its now or never. Go, do it now"
Pushed Anez, who went in dressed with the presidential sash on her and she did it on Nov12.
The coup was being consumated.
Foronda, and Quiroga felt relief and cheered but away from Cameras, for they needed to follow their policy of being veiled and unseen whenever posssible.
Foronda had Camacho name 7 members to Government and Pumary a token viceminister. In pursued of a policy of silencing the indigenous protests and revolts, Foronda and Quiroga had the Anezmilitary Government decree DS4078, to wage a veiled dirty war militarily and judicially to decapite ant indian social movement and when the #SacabaGenocide and the #SenkataGenocide happened at the hands of the military government, who indefitelly mobilized to the streets since consumating one more of the many customary Militar-civil Coup D'etats under the excuse of protecting the people but like GONI had genocided the vey people who they alledged to protect and based on the global digital oposition to GenocideByDecree, this indigenous exilee and countless people peaceful and civilly waged relentlessly, Foronda& Quiroga got the contractors aproval and both had the AnezGovernment abrogate the #IndigenousGenocideDecree4078 but continued to wage a veiled terrorist campaign to decapitate QuechuaAymaraGuarani indigenous lidership, for the contractor seeks to wipe out rebel protesting indigenous people and make the survivors submisive indians as the Spaniards colonists had them for over 500 years.
Quiroga is no chacellor or state authority but he is the field station contractee in Bolivia and along with paid leave E Foronda are the behind the scenes puppetters for the contractors, pupeeteering the AnezNunezCamachoPumary Defacto government and recently upon my denouncing and Nancy Carrasco's denouncing a documente legal plead before the highest courts, JJustiniano had made deathly threats to Carrasco, had a conflict of interest and interfering as presidential minister with his Raping pack/ ManadaDeVioladoresCrucenos and having sacked employees and viceminister Romano, Foronda, the presidential advisor had J Anez not to see nor reply but fire Jerjes Justinano, which she did and named Yerko NunezCia the replacement for JJstiniano. Justiniano then revealed Anez is herself seeking a 5 year presidency and had him fired in retaliation for backing up Camacho for president. Time will tell us the;truth!
Right now the defacto and veiled chancellor T Quiroga is a contract mission before the OAS and internacional human rights investigating organizations, representing the current Defacto Bolivian government, alleging, "there was never a Coup, no violation of Human rights, Exiles are returned and we have a State of rights"
All of which is a pack of lies! There is only a retaliatory Anez Government conducting a deadly witch hunt of anyone opposing her, and is retalisted against me by keeping me unjustly exiled for denouncing her crines of ethnic indigenous genocide. Dictators Garcia Meza, Dictator Morales and now dictator Anez is kept me exilied in the US
I have nothing to gain and seek not the presidency, I, who was never a contractee, I am an ordinary Bolivian citizen and retired academician of indigenous roots, and despite what they are unjustly done to me. I have no bones against the contractor nor against Dictators: Banzer, Garcia Meza, Evo Morales and Anez. I have shown with evidence this was a veiled and sophisticated suave Coup D'etat by the above actors named. A military civil authoritarian government rules with military indefinite mobilization and is supposed to achieve ethinc cleansing of QuechuaAymaraGuarani leaders, and this was admitted by Secretary Pompeo, " The US. Will guarantee there will never be another civil revolt in LatinoAmerica"
Whether right or wrong, you tell me, why there must happen such a silencing of indigenous people, whose lands hold dollar trillion lithium, indio, gold, gas, red meat and transgenic soy, so the moneyed contractor and hords of texas cattlemen and farmers along Mennonites and CamachoAnez cattle men are torching the lungs of humanity and will torch thousand 9 million of hectars of treelands, to mercilessly plunder their native land and disappear the indigenous, as we've already done with North American indigenous people and extincted our forests, following Oliver Wendel Holmes racist and genocidal doctrines, used also against 6 million innocent jews by Wendel Holmes' student A Hitler.
As we confront climate catastrophe caused by fossil energy redmeat and soy transnationals including the contractor and see beyond Bolivia. Ethnic cleansing, vaccine cleansing, biowarfare, economicwarefare, etc are being veiled waged,
I say #NeverAgainIsNow
Written and copyrighted by Felipe A Campos A.

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