J Anez Racist President

Sharing a fish among extended family, or partaking yuca bread with other indigenous -- how can you racially label us as partaking in a "satanic indigenous ritual" when we are simply sharing a meal with our friends and family?
You want us to leave the cities where we were born,
because you are chasing us to the highlands & Chaco's Tariquia park?
Is that why you & your cattlemen set our Chiquitania on fire and genocided our biodiversity, flora & fauna & relatives; then decreed our indigenous #Genocide-by-Decree#4078 acting it in Sacaba & Senkata?
3/4 You decreed our indigenous #Genocide-by-Decree#4078 acting it in Sacaba & Senkata? Is this why you won't let me return from exile, why you refuse to let me be a member of the TSE?
I am sorry u brought us religious death like Pizarro, Almagro & the missionaries committed on Atawallpa & our ancestors. But this is our America & you'll have to genocide us all because we belong here. We were here long before you the racist genocider came!
Felipe Campos PhD

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