Legalizing Genocide: The Carbon Market & Double Carbon Credit!

Legalizing Genocide: The carbon market & double Carbon credit!

The EU's zerocarbon by 2050 is a swiss cheese & too little too late. It exempts Poland carbon intoxication policy& includes Hungary, Chec & Serbia & coupled with double carbon credit & carbon market, intoxicating fossil energy will cause catastrofic human & climatic crisis, past the Point of No Return by 2050.

Marketing carbon is an outright human-genocide & clima-genocide, being legalized by scheming industrial nations against humanity.
There us no doubt you are conditioning poor nations' citizens, to accept catastrofic climate consequences with your change money and having them buy themselves a coffin and resigne to die a premature but honorable death in a coffin.

We the People, reject your carbon market, for you are not only going to pass it onto the customers, but are legalizing deadly carcinogenic oil and red meat pollution, through your now legalized market of death, which is your carcinogenic carbon market, which causes irreversible glaciar catastrofe, which will cause the metane bomb, along a carbon bomb, and make our breathing deadly. And will heat up and melt so fast the artic& Antartic poles and low countries will disappear and billions of humans, we will be genocided as a consequence of your carbon market and increase of carbon contamination by your oil and red meat global market, which is right now causing all our forrest of our Earth being irreversibly burnt.

EU and industrial carbon marketing countries, listen to us now: We the people, demand abrogation of fossil energy& red Meat now. And substitute it with Solar, wind, geothermal energy & vegan, now!
By Felipe Campos
All rights reserved.

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