The famous "black-bag" scandel of R. Nixon Continues

      I am a forced exilee of 3 dictators. I have no party, I have no ambitions, I don't want to be a candidate. Having suffered retaliation from Dictator Morales, I miraculously was saved and only later became aware others who question Amazon genocider, bio-cider, eco-cider Morales, and suffered the same fate; such as intentional arson by Morales' followers. I received no penny from the dictators, & I am an ordinary retired university academic faculty member. My concerns are the climate catastrophe, peacefully defending democracy, and the need to open the eyes of people who have no idea of what Think Tanks do, their policies, etc.
Fernando Camacho came out of the blue, along with Erick Foronda, Devil dancer Tuto Quiroga, J. Anez, M. Pumari and the military police and they placed JAnez into the presidency in my home country, Bolivia.
Several days ago, I denounced globally an illegal wire-tapping by LuSiFer Camacho, which was entrapping, leaked and used to blackmail, silence and distroy M Pumary of indigenous roots like me.
Today dec 14th @Soyfdelrincon, broke the news, reconfirming my global denunciation of Camacho's wire tapping operation. Now admittedly this is like Richard Nixon's black bag operation, exposed and reconfirmed by Rincon of CNN:
"Camacho admitted he had close to 3 hours of wiretaped recording on Pumari, incriminating himself and admitting implictly he had doctored and filtered the 45 minute recording of Pumari, whose presidential chances were strong as a potential indigenous presidential candidate. Camacho incriminated himself in the wiretapping, political spying and unconstitutional recording incriminating hotel Cortez from Santa cruz, as the leader of the secret wiretappings of Pumari
Being Camacho in co-government with J Anez, the nominal president. My concern is: how extensive is it? how extensive is this wiretapping ring, involving Camacho (and implicitly hotel Cortez and the countless victims of wiretapping and possibly blackmailing). Does it incriminate the Anez Government and beyond potential president Quiroga and Erick Foronda the almost lifetime embassy advisor of the USA's embassy, in La Paz, Bolivia?
I abstain to discuss the USA policy from hereon in this written piece, and I am not going to discuss their operation modes, because I want to protect their well being.
I am concerned for what is going to happen to journalist Fernando Rincon's or Pumari's life & welfare and Rincon's anchor career at CNN and those journalists who aired it globally.
The scandalous wiretapping of Pumari that was admitted before CNN, has been taken, aparently as a matter of life and death.
Up to this point a fake letter appeared to cover the liabilities of every political state actor involved and then was expose as a fake letter.
This is the genesis of a black bag scandal, where Camacho and his fy y doctored recording of 45 minutes on Pumari, is the tip of the iceberg of political recordings, blackmails, etc.
So -Right now, the Anez Government has blacked-out the news of the Camacho scandal and is desperatelly trying to divert attention away from this Nationally damaging wiretap scandal and the intrigue of the video aired in Bolivia. This all is secretly developing and we may see the cover up extended if Elections stand a chance to happen, while Bolivia is under military ocupation by a demobilized army, armed to the teeth and ready to kill, while futile duscussions of Amnesty are quasi-paralized and the Anez Government wants the truth to remain hidden in this black bag, serial-leaking scandal hastily swept, under the rug, caging the cat in the bag, if possible so that all Anez national affairs look untroubled!
By FelipeEnlasCalles

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