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Mr Trump&EPA administrator: If you insist in your pseudo allegations that Gliphosate doesn't cause cancer,then daily along with your family drink it, eat it in your banquets&breath it till you fall sleep for 10 years& then tell us how it feels or #BanItNow

Time for Massive Civil Disobedience to Stop Our Carbon Genocide

Time for Massive Civil Disobedience to stop our CarbonGenocide! Shoving carbon-tax in our face,like coins tossed to beggars, the carbon Elites leep intoxicating us with their doubling carbon emissions, which melts the Antartic& Artic perma-frost & it exposes us to breaking open the core of the Earth. Thus we are done for in what was our planet Earth. We tried to reason with them in so many climate conferences&carbon is not abrogaed but they transformed the Paris Agreement into a carbon stock market until 2050, by then only 6 meters rising water will exist and w/o permafrost& glaciars the forests trees will not produce sudorvaporation and permanent drought will scorch us to famine, thirst&extinction bc perpmafrost& glaciars are our sweet drinking water¬ acidified ocean water. Foolisly we can waste our time crossing our arms selling books until we go shortly extinct or take action now in front of oil refineries& oil shipping ports& oilplatforms, oil

The Natural Paradise

Going back to Natural- Paradise Off Natural-Paradise, we are being kept captive in this perpetual Carbon GDP growth Black Gold-Paradise&academic falacies, where untruths reign. Take opiod patents, where peer review&replicability is inexistent& the result is a nation of opiod addicts & the enrichment of the carbon elite. Analogically this elitist click of falacy perpetual GDP growth economic model, preaching to produce to humanity, perpetual paradise happiness is landed us to Apocalypse climate, which is taking us this decade to the Point-of-No- return and has made us money addicts, consumerism addicts, etc. This elitist Carbon economy is chisseled in us students, blind beliefs& coercive obedience. As academics we've experieced it and have been coerced to teach untested truths which in the end have been shown false. Still coerced by the carbon elite, who with their carrot or stick carbon policies order us to keep teaching untruths and now

With What Tools Can You Fight For Your Right To Water?

  With what tools can you fight for your Right to Water! By exiled Dr Felipe Campos Water is scarce & being stolen & profitted from above your right to drink. We're losing clean water denying our right to health & life & those of our children & grandchildren everywhere and our agonizing Mother Earth! The thieves & genociders of your right to water, thus your life, misuse the WTO, secret contracts, lobbying & a pseudo mask of good-doers who come to your community disguised as well intentioned philantropic corporations, etc. By Mother Earth's grace I survived torture. I am a law abiding citizen exiled by 3 Bolivian Govts but I will not let them silence my voice for Mother Earth and Humanity. During H Banzer/JQuiroga govt, while in exile, I saw Bolivians denied Human Rights to water, by secret contract with Bechtel Corporation headquartered near where I am exiled. I knew these iconic Corp & State actors who pretended to be

The Time to Act is NOW!

Followers of TrumpDaBlackRock, E Morales, J AnezChavez, J Bolsonaro, Scott Morrison, Joko Widodo...are torching our homeEarth & forests to impose transgenic SoyRedmeat & Carbon emissions through the ParisAccord transformed legal global CarbonMarket of genocide of Humanity by doubling CO2 emissions,which are causing Temp Rise 6-12°C within this decade, hence making our HomeEarth a Nonbreathable NonLivable planet but they extract from icepoles&oceans more fossil fuel. The past Climate Conferences while double talking to us of decreasing carbon emissions, have Defacto transformed it into this Global carbon of Genocide of our humanity & have stretched perpetually not to abrogate carbon. Their ParisAccord market ofsupply&demand comes disguised as Double credit carbon deals between Buyers(Elitists)And suppliers(Economicly poor Humanity), with a biased& favorable carbon prices4 heartlessElitists& detrimental death to our Humanity, while they plunder da melting

Paris Agreement is Carbon Genocide Market

ParisAgreement is CarbonGenocideMarket TheG7BlackRock Cohorts transformed ParisAgreement to aGlobal Wall Street Carbon stock Exchange Market& At Davos are agreeing what C Book prices they'll impose at COP26 under excuse of Transitioning from Carbon till 2050& will continue to legalize their Wall Street Carbon Exchange Market &continue to increase C emission greenhouse gases. We da people didnot agree with them to transform da Paris Agreement into a legalized carbon market with carbon prices&carbon credit exchanges with G-7&BlackRock. Vehemently we condem& repudiate this carbon genocide market known as ParisAgreement&demand at Davos&COP26: #AbrogateCarbonNow bc your carbon Transition System till 2050 is a 4/4 perpetuation of increase of CarbonGenocideOfHumanity, which #WeThePeopleAreNotObligatedToAcceptButFightForOurRightToLifeAndHealthAndDefendMotherEarth with masses of #CivilDisobedienceTillWeAllGoSolarAndVeganAndCarbonFree

The Culture of Collusion, Retaliation & Cover-Ups

#TheCultureOfCollusionRetaliationCoverUpsAndPollution We westerners are educated meritocrats who for the love of easy $billions & glory are vulnerable to be carried away and perpetuate a #CultureOfCollution #Retaliation #CoverUps&Pollution, #selfrighteousness and #self-serving-habits. Boeing 737-MAX is a token iceberg of cold calculated cultural habits we are experiencing in our quest for hoarding money and success at any cost. And the loss of hundreds of human lives, unnecesarily imposing suffering on widows and orphans, hasn't dented nor changed, nor penally has not been punished by the #CultureIOfCollusionRetaliationCoverUpsAndpollution between employees inside Boeing, Boeing-FAA Regulators-Governments politicians-subcontractors and airline crews. And flying passengers must ask, to what unreasonable degree of risks and threats are our lives being exposed in this and in other models of aircafts, fabricated by these named unrepentant criminals actors allow

Fraude Enquesta

Esta encuesta es un fraude a nuestro pueblo. El MAS no puede ganar en la encuesta sin tener un candidato oficial, xq la CIA en Bolivia de Foronda&Quiroga fragmentaron a su ex-colega de la Cia Evo Morales & su partido. Esta encuesta de cyasmori tiene el proposito de lavarnos el cerebro y con gran mentiras hacernos creer q ni Mesa ni nadie puede derrotar al MAS, excepto Anez, lo cual es ilogica, sin probabilidades estatisticas&pura propaganda mentirosa, pa q todos pidan q Anez sea la candidata. El MAS no puede tener 2/3 de Asamblea ni puede ganar elecciones, xq tiene fragmentados y polarizados grupos internos guiados por Eva Copa, Andronico, Choquehuanca, Arce, Choque, Salvatierra & Evo. Nosotras somos experienciadas catedraticas retiradas q hemos participado dirigiendo campanas en grandes elecciones de: Al Gore, Bernie Sanders, Pete B, etc y sabemos de lo q hablamos. Anez es la candidata de la CIA q acostumbra nombrar presidentes desde la guerra del chaco al presente