Paris Agreement is Carbon Genocide Market

ParisAgreement is CarbonGenocideMarket

TheG7BlackRock Cohorts transformed ParisAgreement to aGlobal Wall Street Carbon stock Exchange Market& At Davos are agreeing what C Book prices they'll impose
at COP26 under excuse of Transitioning from Carbon till 2050& will continue to legalize their Wall Street Carbon Exchange Market
&continue to increase C emission greenhouse gases. We da people didnot agree with them to transform da Paris Agreement into a legalized
carbon market with carbon prices&carbon credit exchanges with G-7&BlackRock. Vehemently we condem& repudiate this carbon
genocide market known as ParisAgreement&demand
at Davos&COP26:
bc your carbon Transition System till 2050 is a
4/4 perpetuation of increase of CarbonGenocideOfHumanity, which #WeThePeopleAreNotObligatedToAcceptButFightForOurRightToLifeAndHealthAndDefendMotherEarth with masses of #CivilDisobedienceTillWeAllGoSolarAndVeganAndCarbonFree

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