The Culture of Collusion, Retaliation & Cover-Ups


We westerners are educated meritocrats who for the love of easy $billions & glory are vulnerable to be carried away and perpetuate a #CultureOfCollution #Retaliation #CoverUps&Pollution,
#selfrighteousness and #self-serving-habits.
Boeing 737-MAX is a token iceberg of cold calculated cultural habits we are experiencing in our quest for hoarding money and success at any cost. And the loss of hundreds of human lives, unnecesarily imposing suffering on widows and orphans, hasn't dented nor changed, nor penally has not been punished by the #CultureIOfCollusionRetaliationCoverUpsAndpollution between employees inside Boeing, Boeing-FAA Regulators-Governments politicians-subcontractors and airline crews.
And flying passengers must ask, to what unreasonable degree of risks and threats are our lives being exposed in this and in other models of aircafts, fabricated by these named unrepentant criminals actors allowing these injust deaths while colluding and retaliating, staying inmune and impuned they continue to thrive after offering a token culprit.
That is token culprit of a washed up deal among the main decision makers of these named actors of tragedy.
This culture of secret #CollusionRetaliatio CoverUpsAndPollution are perpetuating in our western culture and follow them globally. How extended in incidence-and-prevalence is it in the countless trillions of revenue created and traded globally? Isn't it endemic of our money hoarding, success-lusting and glory seeking addictive habits?
As retired academics, we have been exposed to and experienced, as whistle blowers, by actors like these perpetuating collusion- retaliation decision makers and its agents that have singled us out and we're still under surveillance unjustly and have been impoverished, while the denounced and our indifferent peers remain silent but continue to money hoard.
But we're not money geared so we will continue spiking the horse, to avoid if possible, further unnecessary& unjust deaths among those consumer countries and carriers like Bolivia's BOA airline under Defacto President AnezQuirogaCamachoMesa despite the deaths caused in recent months acquired B-737-MAX and flying them. Because the customers are being mislead and lied to, as Boeing has assured them, "Boeing has enhanced the safety" of these MAX jets, acquired with loans of our USA's financing through billonaire Exim-Bank, a political tool to finance loans to countless deficient and life threatening products as B-737-MAX. Such is a waste of our scarce tax dollars and rewards these named criminals. These inmune and impuned criminals, like busted Volksvagen's executives are given a token removal of CEO and a civil penalty slap on the wrist. These named actors have caused cold tragic losses of human lives and we demand our Govt to enact, through its branches of government, to dispense the stiff RICO LAW penal processes and penal sentences! Or the cold and calculated deaths of customers caused by B-737-MAX will continue and increase by the undeterred and undented #CultureOfCollusionRetaliationCoverUps that comes down to us all the way from ALEXANDER HAMILTON'S era.
We suggest to you to stay away from sea sups and use the train and follow the safe example of Greta Thumberg by refusing to fly in these flying coffins and green gas emitters who are giving us this impending irreversible climate catastrophe.
D.M. (all rights reserved)

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