The Natural Paradise

Going back to Natural- Paradise
Off Natural-Paradise, we are being kept captive in this perpetual Carbon GDP growth Black Gold-Paradise&academic falacies, where untruths reign.
Take opiod patents, where peer review&replicability is
inexistent& the result is a
nation of opiod addicts & the enrichment of the carbon elite.
Analogically this elitist click of falacy perpetual GDP growth economic model, preaching to produce to humanity, perpetual paradise happiness is landed us to Apocalypse climate, which is taking us
this decade to the Point-of-No- return and has made us money addicts, consumerism addicts, etc.
This elitist Carbon economy is chisseled in us students, blind beliefs& coercive obedience. As academics we've experieced it and have been coerced to teach untested
truths which in the end have been shown false. Still coerced by the carbon elite, who with their carrot or stick carbon policies order us to keep teaching untruths and now we face famine, epidemies& unnatural catastrophes.
This Black-gold-Paradise of perpetual GDP growth is
unsustainable, in crisis& slowly crumbling down.
Mother Earth is Agonizing and Father sun is about to stew us along with toxic doubling Carbon's greenhouse gas emissions, we don't have time to let the Carbon Economy fall slowly, bc this is the decade where we all
must take the decision to either be fooled by this failed carbon economic model& thrown change at us to resign ourseves be extinct. Or make a fast U turn & head towards the Natural-Paradise-State
The Inca culture which had 0ver 10 thousand varieties of potatoes& Amazon Indigenous people have it right. Bc you don't need to intoxicate your people, your oxigen, nor poison your food, nor burn massively bliions of animals&trees, destroy glaciars, permafrost, the oceans nor your soil, but abrogate carbon, preserve nature, plant& harvest food from
trees that feed us and nourishes biodiversity& they produce free rains along with glaciars and permafrost, with winds that come from the oceans and the trees sudor-vaporize and that current of air travels till hitting against inland glaciars and heavy humidity condenses to water rain, which rains over the trees, who stored it down into aquifers and the cycle sudorvaporization repeats itself endlessly and with the aid of permafrost, oceans and glaciars, it keeps the never ending cycle of life which sustains human life&Biodiversity, flora& fauna.
Waste no more reading, writing books for it's time to take action, to go back to a state of Natural-Paradise, go in front of oil refineries& oil shipping ports& pumping-oilpipe-ports& Carbon mines like Adani& like Jane Fonda, ExtinctionRebellion& EndeGelande #WeNeedToEngageDayAfterDayWithMassiveCivilDisobedienceTillCarbonIsAbrogated! #UseOnlySolarWindGeothermalEnergyAndVegan!

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