The Time to Act is NOW!

Followers of TrumpDaBlackRock, E Morales, J AnezChavez, J Bolsonaro, Scott Morrison, Joko Widodo...are torching our homeEarth & forests to impose transgenic SoyRedmeat & Carbon emissions through the ParisAccord transformed legal global CarbonMarket of genocide of Humanity by
doubling CO2 emissions,which are causing Temp Rise 6-12°C within this decade, hence making our HomeEarth a Nonbreathable NonLivable planet but they extract from icepoles&oceans more fossil fuel. The past Climate Conferences while double talking to us of decreasing carbon emissions, have Defacto transformed it into
this Global carbon of Genocide of our humanity & have stretched perpetually not to abrogate carbon.
Their ParisAccord market ofsupply&demand comes disguised as Double credit carbon deals between Buyers(Elitists)And suppliers(Economicly poor Humanity), with a biased& favorable carbon
prices4 heartlessElitists& detrimental death to our Humanity, while they plunder da melting poles& Oceans.For us humans,our purpose was, is, and will be to abrogate carbon now!
We reject, repudiate& condemn Trump&FinkBl ackRock's deception tactic of legalizing said carbon market misslabled "Clima teEconomy" it is not but their carbon increased sales doubles CO2 greenhouse gasses emissions, rises 6-12°C Rise/10year& it is their ParisAccord global carbon market of genocide of Humanity with beggars' change for carbon prices&a coffin of extinction for our humanity, biodiversity& death of life! #JoinJFondaXREndeGelandeCivilDisobedienceToSaveOurBurningHomeEarthAndAbrogateCarbonNow4daSakeOfOurChildren

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