Time for Massive Civil Disobedience to Stop Our Carbon Genocide

Time for Massive Civil Disobedience to stop our CarbonGenocide!

Shoving carbon-tax in our face,like coins tossed to beggars, the carbon Elites leep intoxicating us with their doubling carbon emissions, which melts the Antartic& Artic
perma-frost & it exposes us to breaking open the core of the Earth. Thus we are done for in what was our planet Earth.
We tried to reason with them in so many climate conferences&carbon is not abrogaed but they transformed the Paris Agreement into a carbon stock market until 2050,
by then only 6 meters rising water will exist and w/o permafrost& glaciars the forests trees will not produce sudorvaporation and permanent drought will scorch us to famine, thirst&extinction bc perpmafrost& glaciars are our sweet drinking water¬ acidified ocean water.

Foolisly we can waste our time crossing our arms selling books until we go shortly extinct or take action now in front of oil refineries& oil shipping ports& oilplatforms, oil pipe lines, pumping-oilpipe-ports& Carbon minesLike Adani.

#WeNeedToEngageDayAfterDayWithMassiveCivilDisobedienceTillCarbonIsAbrogated! And #UseOnlySolarWindGeothermalEnergyAndVegan!

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