With What Tools Can You Fight For Your Right To Water?

  With what tools can you fight for your Right to Water!

By exiled Dr Felipe Campos
Water is scarce & being stolen & profitted from above your right to drink. We're losing clean water denying our right to health & life & those of our children & grandchildren everywhere and our agonizing Mother Earth!
The thieves & genociders of your right to water, thus your life, misuse the WTO, secret contracts, lobbying & a pseudo mask of good-doers who come to your community disguised as well intentioned philantropic corporations, etc.
By Mother Earth's grace I survived torture. I am a law abiding citizen exiled by 3 Bolivian Govts but I will not let them silence my voice for Mother Earth and Humanity.
During H Banzer/JQuiroga govt, while in exile, I saw Bolivians denied Human Rights to water, by secret contract with Bechtel Corporation headquartered near where I am exiled.
I knew these iconic Corp & State actors who pretended to be my friends but were working for Bechtel when Banzer had me illegally arrested. J Quiroga was my friend but their good intentions for Bolivians were violating my people's Human Right to water without which there is no life, extorting them to pay prohibitive water prices to Bectel-owned: Aguas Del Tunari/Tunari waters, with an abusive contract forbiding citizens from collecting rainwater by secret contract w/the govt. that became public too late.
The water co was owned by Bechtel who invested a miserable $1million and owned even the rain. Cornering people to pay extortion water prices or die of thirst & starvation. Bechtel's influence would win in the WTO where Contract is king, with muscle to enforce international rules!
You are facing supra-national & State power actors, the unscrupulous rules are bent by them & colude & retaliate when you threaten their illegal scheme-profit interests. So remain peaceful but remove your religious, academic & moral ideas about these dominating elite interests
Peacefully you must defend yourself & your descendants against
these evol #CarbonElites doubling Carbon emissions, patenting everything they can to own our seeds, water, air, diseases &
even patenting most forms of life as if they are gods.
Such as like DNA enhanced humans such as Chinese DNA babies.
They assume everyone is for sale & national boundaries no longer exist good and evil no longer exist, there is only profit at all cost!
How to defend yourself,? No with their costly weapons of war.
Litigation can only go so far, it's costly, tome consuming & most rules favor govts & corporations against you.
The Jane Goodall-Carnegie approach wastes time. They will win as they did with Paris, & it's carbon markets with doubling carbon emissions to genocide humanity.
The cynical elites see them as friday pom pom girls lead by Greta, with no result to stop doubling carbon emissions, global forests fires, trillion dollar carbon subsidies, financing more carbon & investment in oil drilling in melting ice poles.
DO NOT dispair & give-in to them!
You start with litigation, protests but you this chess match have to win peacefully for humanity's survival: using the Ancient Art of Civil Disobedience!
With massive civil disobedience u paralize the carbon genociders economy & government, because they don't have the
manpower nor the means but will have to murder everyone. So defend your water rights with massive Civil Disobedience.
It was accomplished by we Bolivians defeating Bechtel our Govt & troops with long term massive civil Disobedience for water rights.
Its true the military shot some but with pain and anger we multiplied our numbers on the streets day after day, lead by the Oliveras, and in the end we won in the streets and Bechtel left our water alone going elsewhere to scheme for water wealth. Is Bechtel in Australia now?
You can defeat them with massive civil Disobedience day after day. Civil Disobedience worked for many countries and can work for you!
You can see the evidence of this on Democracy Now.
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