My Brother Saved Me.

Being save by our victim- siblings!
We say we're godly good but with never-ending wars are killing millions of our fellow humans. Worst we are being genocided by double carbon emissions and man made fires, cruelly burning billions of living animals&trees&fire fighters.
If a hunted animal
kills a human in self defense we kill him and scores of animals.
Facing the unjust misdeeds:
We humans hunt& kill billions by eating these poor innocent helpless animals, yet they are not vengeful like Homo Sapien christians killing under the religious doctrine of eye for an eyes& a tooth for a tooth. But our victim animals, despite the cruel& inhuman genocide we subject them to, are superior to us and forget and forgive we murderous hunters assasinating millions of our sibling animals who are 99.99% DNA related to us. Our victims forgive us. They are our sibling animals. And generously putting their own lives, welfare& pain aside, empthetically they extend their hands, to save us from being killed by snakes that infest the water.
Would you imperil yourself to save your worst killer-enemy?
Our sibling animals are at the forefront of carbon-genocide&we biped humans are next!
God and Mother Earth and our victims, the animals and trees, let us make a u-turn for good!
Let's suffocate the forest fires and save the habitats of animals& stop cold-blooded killing& eating them and be healthy& guilt free humans & live in peace besides our DNA siblings, trees and Mother Earth!
We can stop our unjust carbon genocide day after day: #EngagingInMassiveCivilDisobedienceTillCarbonIsAbrogatedAndReplacedBySolarEnergyAndVegan!

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