No Honest Media Lives, since we lost the great News Anchor, Dan Rather

Republican & Carbon candidates ganged up against our climate activist Pete Buttigiege to avert his victory in Iowa primaries

We're retired professors &worked along Nelson Polsby. None of the 3 candidates' plans solvesC-Genocide (Warren, Biden, Bernie). Their Plans are empty words without good fruits. Biden's campaign $ comes from oil&Banks. Warren's & Bernies's come from PACS. In 2016 I Worked for & believed in Bernie but, at the Convention he betrayed us.
Like all career politicians, Bernie, leached off us tax- payers & falsely promised anything to get elected. He was going sell his farm as we did, but is another of his empty promises & Bernie doesn't care for intoxicating humanity with methane. Compared with activist Jane Fonda, who has countless arrests for
Civil Disobedience, all his life, cowardly Bernie refused 2 engage in Civil Disobedience & consistently evades answering when he is confronted, just like Biden.
No candidate deserves our vote bc of not actively leading civil disobedience & Art 4 Bernie & the DMR Poll is as false as Bernie himself.
These dishonest candidates manipulated the false poll to win votes dishonestly by excluding the leading Iowa candidate Pete Buttigieg, because he could win & Pete's honest. But Trump & the carbon economy establishment know Pete is the one who
stands to defeat Trump. The gas & oil men are sabotaging Pete & our climate movement.
In 24 hrs you'll see Mitch O' Bitch dismissing Trump's indictment. And the only one who can defeat Trump is being excluded from Bernie's dishonest poll!
Bernie would cause
gasmanTrump's reelection because Trump will say "America rejects socialist Bernie".
Do not believe polls because voters change their minds frequently & ultimately you the voter will decide who is best suited to defend our climate and abrogate carbon in his term in office in the richest global carbon economy!
The Carbon media favoring candidates weak to defeat Trump got caught pants down against the Iowa leading candidate Pete Buttigieg, a climate advocate fossil fuel Corporations want to crush!
Environmentalists please, let's viralize this!

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