Should the last solution fail

Should final solution fail?

Jon Gertner's book alerted us 6 months ago, "The ice at the end of the world" which denounces oil Corporations, coal extractors, cattlemen&soy& palm oil Corporations, drilling oil extracting coal& setting on burning global forests, are genociding ice/ permafrost,our climate&Biodiversity &humanity.

These denounced supranational actors of State power who hoard 99% global wealth, hoarded it through buying out most governments, own most media& use deception troy horses/reinventing themselves, to protect&perpetuate doubling carbon emissions while their troyan horses-deceptive- media, magnifies their Black Rock lies:

"The Carbon economy is transitioning fossil fuel corporations fast, to Climate economy & those who don't transition to climate economy by divesting from fossil fuel, carbon, investing in clean energy...and don't join the Paris Agreement, may find themselves obsolete, isolated& irrelevant to the new climate economy"
People who believe their good intentions, take these fossil fuel executive declarations at face value&find themselves perpetuating consumers of their fossil fuel, cattle, soy, palm oil and by doing these consumption are empowering these perpetual fossil fuel corporations and assisting them as accomplices to permanently distroy globally ice/permafrost, and with it enriching them at the cost of our own human, climate& biodiversity genocide by fossil fuel (climbing over 7 millions of prematute deaths/year)

And 6 months ago in protest, to their ice/ permafrost genocide in iceland, we had a symbolic burial ceremony of ice, to alert globally we are being deceived by these Black Rock false declarations of becoming climate economists.
How is it false?
They talk, talk& talk to making us believe they r transitioning off carbon economy, but their own facts&misdeeds prove them, they are lying in countless climate conferences& they have transformed the Paris Agreement to a Defacto Global carbon stock Market, bc they are trading not go abrogate carbon/ fossil fuel, but disguising it as Transition to climate economy. But in fact their transition is doubling carbon emissions under so many eufemisms. What we're hearing in their insiders talk, "We can't abruptly throw out thousands of oil workers, carbon workers, cow farmers, bioethanol& biodiesel&palm oil workers&butchers (that put red meat on your plate), out of work, so let' s adapt to hotter climate with 6-12 °C& pay for it, not with our doubling oil&coal profits but by taxing carbon (for u the consumer to pay it), double Carbon credit, carbon book of prices at COP26, selling u carbon absorbing machines that won't absorbe carbon from the countless trillions of metric tons of carbon in the atmospher, but aforestation& reforestation which will decorate your extinguished mass graves of genocided humans, after we carbon genociders escaped to space and left you to be extinguished in the hot incinerator with 12C temp increase& higher than 12 meters rise of sea level, to drown you as universal flood, should the incinerator final solution fail"


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