Biden vs Bernie

Biden vs Bernie
#OilBiden talked & talked mainly evading the issues& trying to present himself as pro latino& NoWar& environmentalist but he failed winnning the debate.
Latinos don't believe him for having separated families& deporting over 3 million latinos.
From the Iraq, Afghanistan to the Syrian war, con- sistently he failed to debunk his pro war, pro arms race misguided policies.
Biden alleging as president he would join USA back to
da Paris agreement, lower carbon emissions& no new fracking is too little too late. And he failed to convince zero carbon environmentalists bc:
#OilBiden will takes us to the volunteer failed Paris Agreement, which is a swiss cheese with double carbon credits& carbon book price, which has
been converted to a Carbon Wall street stock Market at Paris.
Biden perpetuates oil use by having guzzlers emit less carbon and by simply perpetuating fracking and calling it old fracking bc his ban is useless no new fracking.
Candidate #OilBiden still perpetuates fossilfuel&
carbon& his 20 billion dollars for the Amazon forest are 20 drops for the forest!
Had Biden stated his policy is to abrogate carbon now&substitute it with SolarE& vegan, my social environmentalists peers would have overlooked his shortcomings and
campaign for him. But bc #OilBiden is perpetuating carbon to benefit his oil cohorts, no, no, we are not going to campaign nor vote for OilBiden bc an #OilBiden Candidacy equals #OilTrump candidacy.
His choosing to perpetuate carbon emissions causes Climate
catastrophe & premature deaths. OilBiden will loose without votes from Latino&young black, women& climate defenders, including my social environmental peers which will support Climate Bernie!

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