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April 29, 2020 International Day of our Loving Animals

We must reafirm to defend our fellow loving animals against wildlife traffick, wildlife markets& wildlife genocide by forest burnings, toxic fossil fuels, chemical pollutions, massive homelessness& famine& drought! It saddens me billions of people do horrible things to wildlife & donestic animals. How would you feel seeing your parents& extended family being cold &systematically being killed and then seizing you from your crib and selling you at the markets? Or cruelly burning you without warning inside your habitat? That's what animals are so frequently experiencing. In fact 9/10 animals are killed to snatch a parrot and profit after 9 of his family members are killed defending you! Religion and carbon economy has dehumanized animals and we hear the killer merchants proudly say, " The blood of Jesus is paid for my sins. I'm a redeeemed innocent" yet why do you exempt yourself from your own crimes under the excuse someone else's blo

Is Dictator Anez a Narco-Trafficante

Is DictatorAnez narcotrafficant? Amazon& SubAndean forest burning AntiEnvironmentalist Dictator JeanineAnez's propaganda portrays her own Gov as antiNarcotrafficant but reality proves, the money that comes to Bolivia is not from Bolivian Lithium batteries or minerals being exported and bringing $ trillions, but from narcotraffic& irresponsibly indebting itself to IMF and then from antiCovid money which she has not used for anticovid purposes & secretivelly doesn't account for it. Despite empoverished Bolivia having a very expensive radar System & being this an Anez co-military Gov, narcotraffick has been increasing to destroy EU& USA citizens by addicting them to oppiates. Anez with band& pomp showed her gov's token drug interdiction (see photo below, ironically in Beni, Anez home State) DM(R)

The Reason Racist Narco/Aryan Anez Govt Persecutes Indigenous Leaders

Dictator JeanineAnez's henchman security czar Arturo Murillo, a narcissitic lying sociopath& as one of the heads of Anez' narcotraffic Gov, the day after indigenous Gerardo Loza (See attached picture) denounced the dictator's cut off of energy, which caused 11 million fish deads, Murillo colluding with government lawyers, began to persecute Loza by ordering political judicialization against Loza for framed charges. Not only sociopath Murillo is protecting his economic interests & attempting to decapitate Cochabamba tropic's indigenous unions' of their leadership, but with ongoing infiltrated provocateurs is framing to process penally local environmentalists who denounced forest fires by the cattlemen& transgenic soy& narcotrafficant Anez Gov. Anez gov wants to frame & get rid of them under false violations of quarentine. Anez refuses to test for CoVid& provide respirators, gloves, masks& disposable clothes for her own police, for do
BlackRock economic interests to perpetuate carbon, is causing the rise of epidemies like CoVid19, genocide of natural wildlife, soil, water, air, glaciars, permafrost& oceans&our quality of life and our health bc we live in a closed system of Mother Earth and as we passively allow BlackRock to destroy mother earth, the viruses are destroying us, paraphrasing Dr. T lovejoy. Instrussion is a euphemism for wildlife destruction, Lovejoy forewarns about deaf& blind & stubborn carbon business as usual policy makers, who having ears chose not to hear, having eyes chose conveniently not to see, and refusing to make a U turn, self interested continue stubbornly destroying wildlife and so forth, including mankind, " The Pandemic is not nature's revenge, we did it to ourselves! It is the consequence of our persistent & excessive intrusion in nature & the vast ilegal wild trade...the wildlife markets the wet markets of Asia, and bush meat markets of Africa"

We've Driven the Penguons to Extinction, We Will be Next

BlackRock catastrophic Climate change denyers' media is silent about the glaciars& Artic and Antartic melt down & genociding species of animals through third parties and rats. Penguins are suffering the irreversible consequences of an impending extinction at the fishermen's fishing nets& Rats(See photo) and once BlackRock and its cohorts biogenocide animals, they will tell us there is nothing to preserve and waste trillions of oil barrels& minerals& they will increase 20X toxic carbon emmissions and as most humans remained passive with crossed hands, when we let Blackrock destroy our food chain, famine, pandemics, drought, frequent multiple wars and massive deaths will be the daily normal facts! u Unless we #AbrogateCarbonNow, extinction will be before us and when we'll see our children& grandchildren die, remember, passively we did it to ourselves for not standing with civil disobedience 8 billion strong to #AbrogateCarbonNow DM(R)

Lets Make A U-Turn

BlackRock economic interests to perpetuate carbon, is causing the rise of epidemies like CoVid19, genocide of natural wildlife, soil, water, air, glaciars, permafrost & oceans&our quality of life and our health bc we live in a closed system of Mother Earth and as we passively allow BlackRock to destroy mother earth, the viruses are destroying us, paraphrasing Dr. T lovejoy. Instrussion is a euphemism for wildlife destruction, Lovejoy forewarns about deaf & blind & stubborn carbon business as usual policy makers, who having ears chose not to hear, having eyes chose conveniently not to see, and refusing to make a U turn, self interested continue stubbornly destroying wildlife and so forth, including mankind, " The Pandemic is not nature's revenge, we did it to ourselves! It is the consequence of our persistent & excessive intrusion in nature & the vast illegal wild trade...the wildlife markets the wet markets of Asia, and bush meat markets of Africa&qu

Does Air Quality Really Matter?

     A word of reflexion to Catastrophic climate change denyers, who are are profit and money hoarding obsessed individuals, who think their health is untouched by fossil fuels's carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, a thousand toxic chemicals used in fracking, and so on. Two close friends were living by the Rodeo refinery& Richmond refinery. They became ill withing 6 months and the pulmonologist sent one of them to have an MRI, which showed his lungs black and his liver showed principles of Non- Alcoholic cyhrrosis & was diagnosed with diabetis, despite having had an airman's first class medical certificate prior to getting ill. I assisted him to relocate but the other was skeptic& didn't relocate. He stopped flying bc he couldn't attain first class certificate anylonger & left his profession and went to a University. Years after by the time he was graduating he had cleared his lungs and his liver significantly improved and with organic veggie diet

Greta & Captain Moore 21st Century Heros

To Michelle Cooper, Simonovic Boyan& all rented oil mouths: You continue missusing Greta's & Capt Moore's pictures& cintinue desinforming people with evil untruths. My grandparent served in the RAF& was a war bride who among millions like Capt Moore fought for you & all of us to have life, freedom and a free and living planet Earth& biodiversity and not for a carbon Pandemic nor a CoVidPandemic. In fact Capt Moore did his superb walkathon to raise funds not for death but for us to live and your malicious desinformation is a diservice to him, Greta and all those who fought for us against evil Eugenics& evil nazi racism. A racism you oul rented mouths are for! Tell us how does it feel to breath day after day toxic carbon dioxide which will produce you lung cancer, making you easy prey to CoVid? Greta and her dad were singled out and suffered CoVid19 yet they never were bitter about it but advised billions to stay at home& keep social distancin

What My Grandmother's Taught Me

For health safety we Klima-strikers kept our anticoVid protective gear & social distancing but Carbon Corporations playing the victims, have kept colluding with Govs to continue milking Trillions & billion dollars subsidies & bigger big brother governments to globally control not only Klima protestors but humanity by attemtpting to embed GPS& eavesdropping software to keep us robot-tracked to every move or word we utter so they can continue undisturbed with 20x carbon increased emissions, to keep enriching their 1% elitists & opress 8 billion humans. This carbon corporate policies to attempt to control humanity are the same old racist Nazi & Stassi secret police policy. I am relieved conscientious& honest scientist opposed embedding it and under false claim to protect us from CoVid, storing our private information in centralized Gov servers to extortion us& take our freedom away permanently! My gradmothers taught me somethings no PHD education taught

How can we Trust BlackRock Carbon Candidates

Blackrock Colluder, retaliator & human genocider Bigbrother BlackRock! Blackwater Corp stole $trillions since the first Iraq invasion & occupation. When they were investigating the stolen reconstruction money, Blackwater disappeared not to be investigated and it reinvented itself as BlackRock (black water/oil/rock/carbon, all the same secretive colluding & retaliating oil interests because shale oil is solid oil turn to liquid oil& gas. This is the same/transnational/supra-state Econopolitical actor of State power beyond the obsolete nation state and the national boundaries which as one of the earliest carbon & steel elite actors created the European Union of Today) The Blackwater stolen money, became used & those stolen $trillions line the pockets of BlackRock. BlackRock is not regulated like banks but is a SIFI (Systemically important Financial Institution) per Joyce Nelson, (see below, her news article) Colluding within the US Govt, it evaded being inve

Why make GMO Foods the Global King of Consumables

Why make transgenic food the global king of consumption? Bayer transgenic TNC is stretching its global burning muscle to our global forests to make transgenic food global king. Bayer colludes with carbon Corporations & so forth to reach their goal to control the global food market. And Bayer gets away under the mask of good intensions/"Food Security", but whose food security& what Bayer means by it? Carbon Academia squeezed our powerful brains into a dwarf's helmet and keepsbit in there dwarfed by giving us PHD degrees which we AmazonAndeans disagree with. Bayer is stolen humanity's property& seeds& legacy by mutating 1% out of 100% DNA & stolen 99% by patenting it as 100% property of theirs! And now they own almost all of humanity's seeds and if you want to plant& feed yourself, you are forced to purchase from them or starve. These last orphan situation is proven by some US farmers who purchased from mills seed peels and they planted

Colluding Latifundio Cattlemen

  Colluders Latifundio cattlemen Soycorps TNCs continue forest burning globally You look to any continent and forest burnings continue despite pandemic Covid19. What happens in these forest burnings is clearly explained through the Bolivian Amazon& SubAndean forests ongoing covert ecocide& biocide. The bolivian media is silent and is a passive accomplice of theirs! Governments came with C Mesa's ugly face, E Morales uglier face& JeanineAnez, the ugliest bleached face. These three forest genociders are manipulated & controlled by SouthEastern Latifundio& cattlemen SoyTNCs& Bayer. Ugly Mesa burnt over 4 million HAS. Uglier Evo Morales burnt 0ver 10 million HAS& Ugliest JeanineAnez' PLUS policy burnt already over 4 million hectars to enrich herself along with latifundio& cattlemen mafiosi colluding with Soy TNCs, Redmeat&Bayer& carbon colluders. We'll discuss today Bolivia's SouthEastern Latifundio interests. This Latifundio

JeanineAnez Fudging CoVid 19 Statistics

Dictator JeanineAnez Chavez: You continue to fudge Covid19 victims statistics. You alledged Santa cruz City has 371 covid19 cases & your total is 642, & you also alledged wednesday 63 cases in Bolivia. A] If its 63×30 days=1890/month×5 months= 5450 cases till April rather than your false total 642 cases. Your fudging statistics fails! B] victims 371/city×9 urban cities =3339 total victims Your fudging statistics fails too! C] You haven't reported 9 rural states× 371victims= 3339 total victims (rurals) Per the above evidence, the real number according to your own provided statistics, is between 5450-6678 Total victims& not your fudged 642 victims You refuse to test victims& refused for 5 months coroners death certificates not to report the real number of victims bc you are desperate to be elected for 5 years. Yet oil price has crashed & barely 20-30 Dollars/ barril Your GDP is contracting between 15-25% by Dicember 2020 & currently you are was

How is Earth Day for You?

How is Earth Day for You? Being an exiled AmazonAndean environmentalist is a frustrating, painful& challenging experience for me & Mother Earth, this April 22nd! Frustrating bc Dictator JeanineAnez, JBolsonaro& all of those carbon presidents, who despite Covid19, keep burning our ancient global forests, for profit. They don't care burning them are produces extreme droughts, floods, famine, homelessness for billions of animals and people& without oxygen, drinking water and soil, what is humanity going to produce to feed itself? Nothing produces nothing and burning Mother earth's lungs produces death for everyone bc without clean oxygen, we die very prematurelly or suddenly, bc we depend of Mother Earth for everything and there is no other Mother but Earth! Earth Day # 50, and what have we done so far. Is painful to see our humanity enter an excess & irreversible destructions, of oceans, glaciars and permafrost,oxygen, biodiversity... Why are we passive

Anez Deprives Good Samaritans of Freedom

JeanineAnez: You are so insensitive and are violating human rights by depriving people of monthly wages, food & antipandemic protective gear & continuing to exile unconstitutionally, thousands of Bolivians. How come instead or rewarding environmentalists donating countless tons of food and organic fruits to needy Bolivians, you persecute them and are depriving them of their freedom? Should you keep prosecuting the good samaritans who fed masses of starving people for free bc you are not feeding them nor protecting bolivians, know your abuses are sowing pain and anger! And this winter you'll see famined and desperate masses trying to survive covid19, will seize and prosecute you for crimes against humanity if you don't escape them! DM(R) 

Anez Pandemia Gov!

JeanineAnez Ch: You denied monthly wages for Corona virus to da people& you've wasted most of the Bolivian Reserve funds/RIN, and still continue wasting the Reserves but as sion as you lift the too little too late quarentine, as the corpses of rural areas become more visible and the corpses in city streets flood, corona virus sufferers, famined and desperate crowds will besiege your dictatorial palace& you'll fly away to Miami and become known as the #AnezPandemiaGovernment who refused quarentining Bolivia in Dec2019& fell off power! DM(R)

Stop forest fire, logging and Oil Subsidies

Global Forests fires have not only made millions of animals homeless & starving& pushed to urban areas & with it & red meat brought our own destruction by Dengue, Chicungunia, Hantavirus, Covid19, etc. Global Forest fires caused by oil& meat& mining corporations have caused Covid19& with it distroys our health&economy bc trillions of dollars are continuing to subsidize oil corporations who cryout henny penny the sky is falling, keep subsidizing us bc we are facing negative oil production prices. Everything is finite but oil genociders cryout as pseudo victims, want to keep milking trillions$IS of subsidies& perpetuate carbon! Let'sAbrogate toxic pandenmic carbon now and trial vaccines in a million volunteers before thinking to vaccinate humanity. And if they work without deadly side effects, then 8 billion humans are going to be okay in accepting to be vaccinated bc when trial samples r two cats and 1000 transgenic mice that's a dead

What's Going on With BlackRock, Corp.

Why did Carbon Corps Expose Greta&herfather to Covid19? Why did CarbonCorps cancelled COP26? Why did Covid19 got released 2019, exactly five years after Obama forewarned us in 2014? Why governments bail out with trillions $us toxic carbon corps after having crashed global anticarbon protests with Covid19 & now they r conducting Eugenics against millions of pensioned senior citizens& disabled & extorting by sequestering antiCovid19 gear to undeveloped countries? Why despite a conflict of interest, did UN appointed toxic BlackRock Corp to advisor position to negotiate with carbon corporations, carbon pricing?

The Corona Virus Clock is ticking on Anez

@JeanineAnez El hecho q seas cavernaria wacha con ojos saltones de buitre ladrona falsa- gringa, racista e indiferente al dolor de nosotras las mayorias ambientalistas sin acumulacion de dinero, no te da ningun derecho de aumentar al desempleo q creaste, persecuciones politicas, tu crimen genocida por corona virus importado de italia& Espana& tus injustos forzosos exilios de nuestros hermanos/as indigenas, incluido el Dr Felipe Campos en Colchane& ahora en Iquique. Le metes nomas todo vale tus violaciones de derechos humanos y procesas aun a los q como Rafael @TeamTataQuispe trata de alertar y salvar del corona virus a los Aymaras xq tu gov es un cero al cociente& no sabe comunicarce ni habla nuestras lenguas indigenas! Trajiste tus ganaderos en aviones y los hospedaste en hoteles de lujo, pero a nosotras indigenas q transitamos a pie, mientes y nos insultas como si fueramos masistas e intentas congelarnos al aire libre y matarnos por hambre, sed& corona virus, d

Dont Put Your Money in the Mouth of a Dead Man

What do sons of Mamon have in common? Colluding, deceiving, retaliating, genocide & hoarding money, they will never spend it in their lifetime! Trump BinSalman Sauud & Putin colluded to stabilize their inflated Oil price to milk the carbon cow $$ while screaming "it benefits everyone". Only each of the 1%carbon elite perpetuate killing us with their Covid19Pandemic, which they released to kill the Anticarbon global protesters demand we abrogate carbon. Now that they stabilized their toxic oil price, they continue the Fraud-Paris Carbon-StockMarket with carbon pricing & double carbon credit to expand 20X carbon emissions bc they don't care for 8 billion humans only for their god Mamon/Money. But what is money in the mouth of the sons of Mamon? When life on Mother Earth is dead, they cant buy or produce food or eat it and deadmen with mouthsfull of money can only pay Charon, the ferryman's toll-taker to cross the Acheron river to the valley of de

Carbon Pandemic

Carbon Pandemic can't wait until year 2050! Carbon denyers are death glorifiers sons of Mamom/money C denyers have no valid arguments. Block these hopeless psychotic climate denyers, who love their lungs full of black sooth&cancer caused by fossil energy which they seekTo perpetuate withCarbon pricing, double Carbon credit at: #FraudParisAgreementCarbonStockMarket Fraud, bc ParisAgreement has been converted it to a carbon stock market where humanity sells 8 billions lives to rich carbon corporations housed in G7&BRICS countries! ParisAgreement sells carbon pricing by metric ton and buyers pay-beggars-change and fraudulently use double carbon credit for sellers& buyers in this fraud market! And humanity goes extincy prematurely under the clutches of this deadly #FraudParisAgreementCarbonstockMarket. The CarbonPandemic is a billion times deadlier than Covid19Pandemic. None of this two Pandemics can wait until year 2050, bc we humans have frail lungs which these

Corona Virus Revolution

Dictadora JeanineAnez: No escuchaste al exiliado Dr Felipe Campos q te pidio no encarceles por libertad de expression a los ciudadanos y abrogues tu violatorio dictatorial decreto 4200, especialmente la parte 13 II Tambien aca la CIDH te conmina a abrogar tu ley 4200 ahora! Es un abuso tu peticion de 30 anos de carcel por libertad de expresion de Yucra, xq nadie murio ni tampoco se materializo, ni nada se perdio a mas de su libertad de expression en su estado etilico. Todo juez aconseja al prosecutor draconinano como tu Gobno: "No me digas sus pensamientos sucios y alaraquerias del acusado, muestrame a las victimas de su crimen" No hay victimas no tienes caso valido contra Yucra o contra los libre expresantes en las calles& RRSS referente al corona virus. Si sigues con tus politicas de montajes, persecuciones, exilios en Colchane y sigues ocultando estatisticas de victimas y no importas respiradores ni provees 10 mil camas de hospital a las victimas de esta venide

We Have No Candidate caring for our lives

#OilBiden& #OilTrump, the 2020 presidential candidates don't care to feed the People or provide universal Medicare but profit with 20xCarbon& red meat increase consumption. Both candidates perpetuate 5xCarbonPandemic&Covid19Pandemic&Both kill our lungs! AbrogateCarbon& conduct peer-review/trial throughly in labs, rushed vaccines before licensing them bc they can be more deadly than CV19 DM(R)

Leader of Life vs. Leader of Death

The leader of life vs the leader of death! The difference between Greta the true global leader vs GasmanTrumpDaCloroquineMassGenocider is abysmal when dealing with the symbiotic existential threats; CarbonClimateCatastropheand Covid19 When Greta and her dad became Covid victims, they publicly revealed it then, quarentined themselves& survived. They asked humanity to stay home & stay safe. Nov2019 Trump got intelligence reports forewarning him of Covid19, since then Trump called it a hoax& exposed 329 million Americans to it, then asked them to take cloroquine for covid19 against medical science & the result is mass graves for innocent americans. Trump did not make America great again with unjust massive covid19 victim sacrifices! Under the excuse of oil corporations being hurt, Trump throws trillions to carbon intoxicators, deregulated environmental laws and now is going to reopen business bc he cares not for human life but profit. With that he will cause greater

Greta leads calling for stay home/digital strikes.

To Joerg Holjewilken& carbon rented mouths: Beyond your flattering, your whole argument asks Greta to pamper carbon corporations not making enough profits due to Corona virus& for Greta to kill the global school strike&/or fade away. All school strikers & humanity are confronting two simbiotic existential threats: deadly 5xcarbon emissions& Corona virus! Where were you when Oil corporations got trillionaire bailouts & trillonaire taxcuts & scarred the planet irreparably. Big oil currently is getting politicians to pass laws criminalizing peaceful school strikes near oilpipes, etc Why aren't you informing yourself and meditating rather than empowering carbon intoxicators who poison our lungs with 500 mpp toxic air & cause us to sufferer cancer, COPD, asthma, rendering us vulnerable to fall prey to corona virus? Have you ever thought to defend your children, by lobbying gov against carbon intoxicating corporations? With hotter 4-12C increase, fre

Biden Demands "look at my record" so we did.

Following OilJoeBiden's command, "Look at my record, look at my record, look at my record": I did. 1] Joe Repeatedly abused Anita Hill& appointed oilcorporate ultra-conservatives Scalia& Thomas to the Supreme Court, which ruling in CITIZEN'S UNITED produces endless corporate money for buying out elections! 2] Joe Spearheaded &approved the Omnibus Crime bill which abrogated Habeas Corpus& even Today disproportionatelly imprisons people of color. 3] Joe Approved Bush's misappropiation of SS money to fund war& Clinton's freeze of inflation/cost of living annual increase, which starves senior citizens 4] Throughout his career Joe endlessly subsidized& funded oil corporations and funded oilwars and current 500 mpp carbon air intoxicates our lungs due to his coauthorship with 5xCarbon emissions increase. Sadly Joe vowed to continue subsidizing& funding oil drills& fracking in Oceans, Artic& antartic and glaciars 5] Joe and

Dictator Anez orders 3 years prison to returning Bolivians

Dictator JeanineAnez orders 3 years prison to returning Bolivians! JeanineAnez U think u own them& u continue violating environmentalists' Human Rights& constitutional rights& in secret trials you have them are sentenced to 3 years prison bc they were famined, frozen& unjustlyBeing exposed to covid19 bc unconstitutionally u denied them repatriation and in necessity to save their lives, they attempted to return to their own contry and to their Bolivian families and dictatorially u criminalized them to 3 years prison-abuse!

Should you trust vaccines rushed into production,w/o replication, w/o peer review

Should you trust vaccines rush-licensed & Non-lab replicated? My roots are AmazonAndean from my grandfathers' side and Jewish from my grandmothers' side since my birth to the present. I distantly saw the deadly effects of epidemies: Polio, cholera, whooping cough, tetanus, small pox, antavirus, dengue...&now Covid19. These epidemies have decimated indigenous like me brought by large cities dwellers. My family kept me home to protect me but I acquired small pox, itch& pain caused me to tear the affected parts, but I healed. Most anti-epidemic vaccines caused mortal side-effects& some are more deadly than epidemic loses. Educated in some of the ten most prestigious global universities, looking hindsight & not having been vaccinated has helped my family to keep a very effective inmune system& I don't intent to become vaccinated when anti-covidVaccines are found. I Stay safehome and once covid19 is erradicated, then I will come out from the safety o

No Protective Gear - No Doctors

To: jeanineAnez For 4 months you keep refusing to listen to Dr Felipe Campos& rejecting to finance 10 thousand beds for stricken corona victims and you do not provide protective gear nor contracts to doctors exposing their lives without social benefits. SIRMES' Fernando Romero is repeating Dr Felipe Campos' requests but you refuse to listen. Victims are laying on the streets and funeral house staffers have no transport to pick up the dead. Now this April& May you are causing exponential corona victims, atop famined orphans& widows bc you continue deaf& unresponsive and you will find yourself without doctors& medical staff from SIRMES to deal with your own deadly designs. And with massives epidemic deaths, unjustly you will have destroyed your nemesis environmentalists bolivians but you can't avoid your govermentment demise caused by your own irresponsible& malicious&racist policies

Angels of Death

Angels of death! These walking death messengers come to people, bringing their corona virus under the excuse of their religious belief& as soon as you answer your doorbell, they tell you, "Fear not to die. I bring you good news, Jesus died for you to have eternal life" You reply " Corona virus is a real danger. Please keep social distance..." They tell you, "I am covered with the blood of Jesus, corona virus can't touch me" "Show me the blood you are covered with" "I can't show you, but you have to believe me. I will cast corona virus of you, and cast the fear you have. Jesus cast her fears. Corona virus in the name of Jesus I comand you to die" and turning to you after their focus pocus, tell you, "With the power of Jesus we killed corona virus. It's done, fear no more corona virus. Accept jesus and jesus will resurrect you for eternal life" It's all about their blind beliefs and you are suppo