Angels of Death

Angels of death!
These walking death messengers come to people, bringing their corona virus under the excuse of their religious belief& as soon as you answer your doorbell, they tell you, "Fear not to die. I bring you good news, Jesus died for you to have eternal life"
You reply " Corona virus is a real danger. Please keep social distance..."
They tell you, "I am covered with the blood of Jesus, corona virus can't touch me"
"Show me the blood you are covered with"
"I can't show you, but you have to believe me. I will cast corona virus of you, and cast the fear you have. Jesus cast her fears. Corona virus in the name of Jesus I comand you to die" and turning to you after their focus pocus, tell you, "With the power of Jesus we killed corona virus. It's done, fear no more corona virus. Accept jesus and jesus will resurrect you for eternal life"
It's all about their blind beliefs and you are suppose to fall for it and fall for Jesus.
But how many zealot theocrats allege the same and when corona virus strikes them dead, they tell you, "You don't need a corruptible body, bc your body is imprisoning you and when you die, you
become free from the jailor, which is your body and Jesus will ressurrect you for eternal life"
They offer no proof of resurection but the non- proven allegations of the bible writers which is graecoRoman religious fiction writing, without any evidence but all unproven alegations.
Next time these zealot theocrat ring your bell, don't open & if you see them in front of you by mistake, turn around and slam the door to these intruderas of outrageous GraecoRoman religious allegations bc your body is all you have to protect your children and is not worth your life nor the risks that
come for speaking with these deceptive soothsayers and sophists, who are potential corona virus exposers!

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