April 29, 2020 International Day of our Loving Animals

We must reafirm to defend our fellow loving animals against wildlife traffick, wildlife markets& wildlife genocide by forest burnings, toxic fossil fuels, chemical pollutions, massive homelessness& famine& drought!
It saddens me billions of people do horrible things to wildlife & donestic animals.
How would you feel seeing your parents& extended family being cold &systematically being killed and then seizing you from your crib and selling you at the markets?
Or cruelly burning you without warning inside your habitat?
That's what animals are so frequently experiencing. In fact 9/10 animals are killed to snatch a parrot and profit after 9 of his family members are killed defending you!
Religion and carbon economy has dehumanized animals and we hear the killer merchants proudly say, " The blood of Jesus is paid for my sins. I'm a redeeemed innocent"
yet why do you exempt yourself from your own crimes under the excuse someone else's blood is cleansed and redeemed you?
Religion is the money business to overindulged countless and endless crimes against animals.
Merchant humans, evil money hiarding and buyers are at fault for what befalls over humanity.
" i can't have a meal without meat" easy excuse to coldly carbon genocide animals unnecessarily.
The more they burn the forests for transgenic soy&Red meat, oil extraction, industrial farming, mining, urban cities, etc, the more we hurt ourselves with eating animals and getting mad cow disease, covid and epidemies, which will multiply and we have no one to blame but ourselves,
Aiy coVid me, we hear laments but had we not allow forest burnings and forest genocide, wildlife animals woykd be alive and we would have no epidemies, which come when we kill species of natural predators who control rats, etc. Yes rats& mosquitoes are epidemy vectors, who used to be eaten by bats, eagles etc but bc carbon emissions and its economic model& red meat consumption has exterminated its natural predators, who used to control them for free, we got what we deserve!
My suggestion to you is become vegetarian and make yourself from coliflower and lentils a similar taste to meat but healthier for you. Stop eating animals& driving gas cars or bare the consequences of it!
Animals & trees and bidiversity are part of humanity and when there is no more trees nor animals, there is no humanity, bc ourselves are animals with larger brains, which we waste irresponsibly!

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