Biden Demands "look at my record" so we did.

Following OilJoeBiden's command, "Look at my record, look at my record, look at my record": I did.
1] Joe Repeatedly abused Anita Hill& appointed oilcorporate ultra-conservatives Scalia& Thomas to the Supreme Court, which ruling in CITIZEN'S UNITED produces endless corporate money for buying out elections!
2] Joe Spearheaded &approved the Omnibus Crime bill which abrogated Habeas Corpus& even Today disproportionatelly imprisons people of color.
3] Joe Approved Bush's misappropiation of SS money to fund war& Clinton's freeze of inflation/cost of living annual increase, which starves senior citizens
4] Throughout his career Joe endlessly subsidized& funded oil corporations and funded oilwars and current 500 mpp carbon air intoxicates our lungs due to his coauthorship with 5xCarbon emissions increase. Sadly Joe vowed to continue subsidizing& funding oil drills& fracking in Oceans, Artic& antartic and glaciars
5] Joe and his wife verbally &physically assaulted women & men for questioning his oilwars& oil interests& oilsubsidies& oilfunding
6] Joe is a pathological liar with a credibility problem, Joe claim's he's an environmentalist but his actions& policies are ProOil
7] Joe is Racist against blacks, Native Americans & Latinos & displays misogenist conduct against women. Joe coauthored 4 million latino deportations, & now gives lip service to blacks, latinos & women promising to appoint a black womanVP, needing his victims' votes. Joe promises heaven on Earth to us however we lifelong Democrat & environmentalist women ask Biden's supporters, How is your candidate #OilJoe going to defeat #GasmanTrumpDaCloroquineGenocider, when both have starved voters and bailed out CorporateCitizens & taxcut trillions of dollars. Both failed to allocate trillions to research Covid19 vaccines but dont bailout the people or cut taxes for the people?
How do you respond to the question: truth: Is
Joe Biden another Clinton fiasco?

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