BlackRock economic interests to perpetuate carbon, is causing the rise of epidemies like CoVid19, genocide of natural wildlife, soil, water, air, glaciars, permafrost& oceans&our quality of life and our health bc we live in a closed system of Mother Earth and as we passively allow BlackRock to destroy mother earth, the viruses are destroying us, paraphrasing Dr. T lovejoy. Instrussion is a euphemism for wildlife destruction, Lovejoy forewarns about deaf& blind & stubborn carbon business as usual policy makers, who having ears chose not to hear, having eyes chose conveniently not to see, and refusing to make a U turn, self interested continue stubbornly destroying wildlife and so forth, including mankind, " The Pandemic is not nature's revenge, we did it to ourselves!
It is the consequence of our persistent & excessive intrusion in nature & the vast ilegal wild trade...the wildlife markets the wet markets of Asia, and bush meat markets of Africa"
What must we do?
Soon as the vaccines are active, waste no more time in wishful thinking that BlackRock will abrogate its carbon business. We with unrelenting massive civil disobedience, must Abrogate CarbonNow for Sokar& Vegan global economy, stop forest destructions etc and become part of nature in harmony with biodiversity, rather than dominion, ownership and irreversible destruction of the very systems of life, we ought to preserve, for in preserving them, we preserve our own welfare, secirity, health, food and life!

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