Carbon Pandemic

Carbon Pandemic can't wait until year 2050!

Carbon denyers are death glorifiers sons of Mamom/money
C denyers have no valid arguments. Block these hopeless psychotic climate denyers, who love their lungs full of black sooth&cancer caused by fossil energy which they seekTo perpetuate withCarbon pricing, double Carbon credit at: #FraudParisAgreementCarbonStockMarket
Fraud, bc ParisAgreement has been converted it to a carbon stock market where humanity sells 8 billions lives to rich carbon corporations housed in G7&BRICS countries!
ParisAgreement sells carbon pricing by metric ton and buyers pay-beggars-change
and fraudulently use double carbon credit for sellers& buyers in this fraud market!
And humanity goes extincy prematurely under the clutches of this deadly #FraudParisAgreementCarbonstockMarket.
The CarbonPandemic is a billion times deadlier than Covid19Pandemic.
None of this two Pandemics can wait until year 2050, bc we humans have frail lungs which these 2 Pandemics kill within a very short time!
Solution: You can't trade humanity's lives for carbon pricing& double carbon credit & the false promise of becoming by 2050Carbon neutral, by then we will be long extinct as human species!
Simply #AbrogateCarbonNow 4 #SolarAndVeganEconomy

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