Colluding Latifundio Cattlemen

  Colluders Latifundio cattlemen Soycorps TNCs continue forest burning globally

You look to any continent and forest burnings continue despite pandemic Covid19. What happens in these forest burnings is clearly explained through the Bolivian Amazon& SubAndean forests ongoing covert ecocide& biocide.
The bolivian media is silent and is a passive accomplice of theirs!
Governments came with C Mesa's ugly face, E Morales uglier face& JeanineAnez, the ugliest bleached face. These three forest genociders are manipulated & controlled by SouthEastern Latifundio& cattlemen SoyTNCs& Bayer. Ugly Mesa burnt over 4 million HAS. Uglier Evo Morales burnt 0ver 10 million HAS& Ugliest JeanineAnez' PLUS policy burnt already over 4 million hectars to enrich herself along with latifundio& cattlemen mafiosi colluding with Soy TNCs, Redmeat&Bayer& carbon colluders.
We'll discuss today Bolivia's SouthEastern Latifundio interests.
This Latifundio semi-state actor is the living proof of Colonialism& racism & is a a living leach along with mining interests, who is protected by the military and the Cia, which is the TNCs protective agent that has been appointing/aproving every single Bolivian president since WWI, except German Bush& Gualberto Villarroel, who they assassinated for acting against their interests.
Paz Estensoro& Evo Morales allege they made a revolution, that is the change of the state's economic, social, political structures.
No, PazE& Morales only did a political reform, to get indigenous mayority to vote them to power so they could cling to power with their vote. PazE& Morales never made a true revolution, bc both didn't change the structures of the Bolivian State but were political reformists, who used the cult of personality while alive.
PazE& Morales were financed to power by the Cia which is the agent of TNCs. The proof against PazE comes of his refusal to land reform the Bolivian Southstern latifundio and favoring latifundio& Rosca Minera interests during his 1952 false revolution& his breaking the union FSTMB in his last presidency, the very FSTMB who in 1952 fought for him& H Siles Suazo, to put them to power was the ultimate treason to Bolivia and its work for e for they stretched vested private property to privatization of oil, mining COMIBOL for po
Pennies to Mining TNCs interests!
Morales was an imitator of PazE, & his 14 years in power was cogovernment with the right wing inteligentsia from all parties, the latifundio& Mining interests and destroying irreversibly organic incarian seeds with transgenic, over 10 million hectars of forests and continuing to missuse indigenous voters, who he never put in power, save his lip service& tokenism and his unmasking by crashing the indigenous candidate Andronico Rodriguez for his unelected right wing elitist Arce Catacora& lasty having signed away multiple trillion dollar Lithium to ACI Systems for over 70 years instead of Using 2 billion out of their own 16 billion RIN Reserves and owning it 100%
Dictatorial Anez Gov is abrogated Morales Lithium contract with ACI Systems but is signing a secret contract with 3 TNCs in exchange of personal enrichment bribes, instead of keeping it 100% Bolivian battery manufacturing & export and bring trillions of profit to Bolivia's empoverished environmentalists. And is burning 4000 fire focus monthly, refusing to quarentine in Dec2019 imported Covid19 from Italy, has wasted the RIN Reserves, persecutes & exiles many among them Dr Felipe Campos who denounced Anez Lithium gove away: is refused to pay monthly wages but throws change at Paupers same as Mr Trump & is famining 12 million people, desperate, hungry, pained and angry massive crowds are going to the streets this June-August2020.
Will the people be able to free itself or will Jeanine Anez' Carbon Pandemic, Trillionaire Lithium give away, forest burning, famine& drought& Covid Pandenic Gov perpetuate herself?

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