Does Air Quality Really Matter?

     A word of reflexion to Catastrophic climate change denyers, who are are profit and money hoarding obsessed individuals, who think their health is untouched by fossil fuels's carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, a thousand toxic chemicals used in fracking, and so on.
Two close friends were living by the Rodeo refinery& Richmond refinery. They became ill withing 6 months and the pulmonologist sent one of them to have an MRI, which showed his lungs black and his liver showed principles of Non- Alcoholic cyhrrosis & was diagnosed with diabetis, despite having had an airman's first class medical certificate prior to getting ill.
I assisted him to relocate but the other was skeptic& didn't relocate.
He stopped flying bc he couldn't attain first class certificate anylonger & left his profession and went to a University. Years after by the time he was graduating he had cleared his lungs and his liver significantly improved and with organic veggie diet and fruits he saved himself from insuling shots, bc his pancreas began to prouduce insulin again but the week after his graduation, we attended the burial of the one who was a climate denyer and had refused to relocate. The coroner's autopsy and her medical documentation showed she had died of lung cancer, Cyrrohsis of the liver & Pancriatitis caused by toxic carbon emission gasses, for she was living in a city with an oil refinery.
It was sad to lose someone I knew and share their experience, for you to reflect.
Recent medical findings have shown that people who live in toxic cities where the air quality is so toxic, they suffer of lung dysfunctions and are easy preys to CoVid19.
As humanity faces the existential threats of Carbon Pandemic and Covid Pandemic, you may want to realize air quality due to CoVid Pandemic has temporarily improved due to almost no demand of carbon emissions but as soon as Covid is taken care, BlackRock who talks by both sides of its mouth, is continuing to milk the carbon cow, which has enriched them!
Air quality, food and life and mainly our health will continue to deteriorate, unless with relentless and massive civil disobedience we stop oil refineries, etc and globally embrace a Solar&Vegan economy without delay.
These brief few years will pass and humanity will go down the slippery slope of extinction, bc we live in a closed system where everything that goes up comes down, that means toxic carbon emissions go up and by gravity come down as severe acid rain& toxic air and intoxicates with deadly polution, our soil, water, flora, fauna, etc and we go extinct!

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