Dont Put Your Money in the Mouth of a Dead Man

What do sons of Mamon have in common?
Colluding, deceiving, retaliating, genocide & hoarding money, they will never spend it in their lifetime!
Trump BinSalman Sauud & Putin colluded to stabilize their inflated Oil price to milk the carbon cow $$ while screaming "it benefits everyone".
Only each of the 1%carbon elite perpetuate killing us with their Covid19Pandemic, which they released to kill the Anticarbon global protesters demand we abrogate carbon. Now that they stabilized their toxic oil price, they continue the Fraud-Paris Carbon-StockMarket with carbon pricing & double carbon credit to expand 20X carbon emissions bc they don't care for 8 billion humans only for their god Mamon/Money.
But what is money in the mouth of the sons of Mamon?
When life on Mother Earth is dead, they cant buy or produce food or eat it and deadmen with mouthsfull of money can only pay Charon, the ferryman's toll-taker to cross the Acheron river to the valley of death!

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