Greta & Captain Moore 21st Century Heros

To Michelle Cooper,
Simonovic Boyan& all rented oil mouths:
You continue missusing Greta's & Capt Moore's pictures& cintinue desinforming people with evil untruths.
My grandparent served in the RAF& was a war bride who among millions like Capt Moore fought for you & all of us to have life, freedom and a free and living planet Earth& biodiversity and not for a carbon Pandemic nor a CoVidPandemic. In fact Capt Moore did his superb walkathon to raise funds not for death but for us to live and your malicious desinformation is a diservice to him, Greta and all those who fought for us against evil Eugenics& evil nazi racism. A racism you oul rented mouths are for!
Tell us how does it feel to breath day after day toxic carbon dioxide which will produce you lung cancer, making you easy prey to CoVid?
Greta and her dad were singled out and suffered CoVid19 yet they never were bitter about it but advised billions to stay at home& keep social distancing. But if you compare CoVid19 annual victims statistics to Carbon Pandemic's the evidence proves there is not 1 million CoVid victims compared to more than 7 million Carbon pandemic's premature deaths by all sorts of cancers. Hence Greta's antiCarbon fight &against CoVid Pandemic is for everyone's common good.
Should Greta been gone, the anticoal social movement would have continued lead by millions for ours ia a horizontal movement and not a vertical one, and she would have become inmortal, a living Climate legend& source of martir inspiration for humanity!
And no Greta is not disappeared in thin air but has at least 90 years physical life remained and her best is yet to come and all of you oil rented mouths know where you can find her, and see her many daily writing, video messages, etc in @GretaThunberg twitter, and so forth.

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