Greta leads calling for stay home/digital strikes.

To Joerg Holjewilken& carbon rented mouths:
Beyond your flattering, your whole argument asks Greta to pamper carbon corporations not making enough profits due to Corona virus& for Greta to kill the global school strike&/or fade away.
All school strikers & humanity are confronting two simbiotic existential threats: deadly 5xcarbon emissions& Corona virus!
Where were you when Oil corporations got trillionaire bailouts & trillonaire taxcuts & scarred the planet irreparably. Big oil currently is getting politicians to pass laws criminalizing peaceful school strikes near oilpipes, etc
Why aren't you informing yourself and meditating rather than empowering carbon intoxicators who poison our lungs with 500 mpp toxic air & cause us to sufferer cancer, COPD, asthma, rendering us vulnerable to fall prey to corona virus?
Have you ever thought to defend your children, by lobbying gov against carbon intoxicating corporations?
With hotter 4-12C increase, frequent floods, droughts, etc, it makes harder to fight against corona virus and fires burn our forests, which are our lungs. Why don't you volunteer for firefighting or lobby govt to find vaccines against Covid19?
Telling Greta what to do is a vicious attack bc you conveniently ignore she already shared that she and her father were corona virus victims, that they responsibly quarentined themselves for some time and survived it. You also ignore Greta asking ADARSH PRATHAP to post frequent posts to stay home and be safe against corona virus and to strike digitally, to protect each striker from acquiring corona virus, bc school strikers are not physically being exposed or exposing Covid19 to people!
Frankly as a child Greta has done what we PHD retired faculty, with all our education, we have not been able to do and no president has been able to create a global social climate movement as Greta has done! And the best of her is yet to come and we intellectuals are amazed how she has outdone gasman DonaldTrump.
Greta has her own brain. So stop preaching to Greta and meditate on her good deeds and actions, don't embarrass your children. Make a U turn & follow Greta for good, our Mother Earth's promised child leader for this millenium!

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