How can we Trust BlackRock Carbon Candidates

Blackrock Colluder, retaliator & human genocider Bigbrother BlackRock!

Blackwater Corp stole $trillions since the first Iraq invasion & occupation. When they were investigating the stolen reconstruction money, Blackwater disappeared not to be investigated and it reinvented itself as BlackRock (black water/oil/rock/carbon, all the same secretive colluding & retaliating oil interests because shale oil is solid oil turn to liquid oil& gas. This is the same/transnational/supra-state Econopolitical actor of State power beyond the obsolete nation state and the national boundaries which as one of the earliest carbon & steel elite actors created the European Union of Today)
The Blackwater stolen money, became used & those stolen $trillions line the pockets of BlackRock.
BlackRock is not regulated like banks but is a SIFI (Systemically important Financial Institution) per Joyce Nelson, (see below, her news article) Colluding within the US Govt, it evaded being investigated and the Government made BlackRock the inmune & impuned supra-state actor which now controls & DICTATES to the US Treasury Department & the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM how their money is spent. WITH SUCH SUPRANATIONAL POWERS BLACKROCK HAS CONVERTED THE PARIS AGREEMENT INTO A CARBON STOCK GLOBAL MARKET (Ideas, interpretation & emphasis mine, a retired academic) with carbon pricing& double carbon credit for sellers and buyers, hence the pseudo talk of BlackRock transitioning from carbon economy is no more than a disguised but legalized perpetuation of carbon by sold out carbon buyer countries (G7 & BRICS producing toxic carbon emissions countries) and selling carbon credit countries (consuming and econPolitical dependent countries)
ParisAgreement is a swiss cheese wheel of covert collusion controlled by good intentions of BlackRock, but as proven above, its a malicious perpetuation of carbon under a mask of allegedly saving mankind but means the legalization of carbon trade through the Paris Agreement and COP 26 is going to sign on and legalize carbon perpetually by carbon pricing and double credit carbon, etc.
The only solution to this evil BlackRock Big brother supranational actor of transnational power, is one:
We must act peacefully but relentlessly& massively with civil Disobedience till we abrogate carbon, bc carbon pandemic is about to extinct us and there is no other planet Earth and no second chances beyond this brief present:
Either we AbrogateCarbon or carbon through BlackRock will irreversibly deceive and extinct us along with epidemies like CoVid19 & the ones to come!
Will the real Larry Finkel stand?
(Please go to facebook to read newspaper clip, bc google technology does'nt match FB's digitalization, etc)

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