How is Earth Day for You?

How is Earth Day for You?
Being an exiled AmazonAndean environmentalist is a frustrating, painful& challenging experience for me & Mother Earth, this April 22nd!
Frustrating bc Dictator JeanineAnez, JBolsonaro& all of those carbon presidents, who despite Covid19, keep burning our ancient global forests, for profit.
They don't care burning them are produces extreme droughts, floods, famine, homelessness for billions of animals and people& without oxygen, drinking water and soil, what is humanity going to produce to feed itself?
Nothing produces nothing and burning Mother earth's lungs produces death for everyone bc without clean oxygen, we die very prematurelly or suddenly, bc we depend of Mother Earth for everything and there is no other Mother but Earth! Earth Day # 50, and what have we done so far.
Is painful to see our humanity enter an excess & irreversible destructions, of oceans, glaciars and permafrost,oxygen, biodiversity...
Why are we passive as carbon corporations prolong irreversible stabbing, drilling and chemical injuries to our Mother Earth.
Mother is given us our last forewarning with this Pandemic covid19 and carbonPandemia.
Subsidizing a toxic dying carbon industry is suicidal,bc those trillion dollar subsidies should be to subsidize Mother Earth with massive tree olantings& carbon abrogation for a global #SolarAndveganEconomy, rather than let carbon finish off our mother and us with them resurrecting their carbon industry.
These temporary Covid19 has halted demand for oil consumption& there is no storage capacity and its price has been negative oil price, negative oil futures. So there is no meritbin resurrecting a dead toxic carbon carcass: Oil.
Oil Pandemic who is killing our mother Earth and driving us to extinction, along with covid19.
To save Mother Earth and ourselves, as soon as vaccines are found, massively we must be on the streets with Civil Disobedience till carbon is abrogated and #SolarAndVeganEconomy becomes our new global reality!
Let's pleadge loyalty to Mother Earth, we are with her and we choose life, peace and coexistence with every living being in her tender bossom!

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