Is Dictator Anez a Narco-Trafficante

Is DictatorAnez narcotrafficant?

Amazon& SubAndean forest burning AntiEnvironmentalist Dictator JeanineAnez's propaganda portrays her own Gov as antiNarcotrafficant but reality proves, the money that comes to Bolivia is not from Bolivian Lithium batteries or minerals being exported and bringing $ trillions, but from narcotraffic& irresponsibly indebting itself to IMF and then from antiCovid money which she has not used for anticovid purposes & secretivelly doesn't account for it.
Despite empoverished Bolivia having a very expensive radar System & being this an Anez co-military Gov, narcotraffick has been increasing to destroy EU& USA citizens by addicting them to oppiates.
Anez with band& pomp showed her gov's token drug interdiction (see photo below, ironically in Beni, Anez home State)

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