JeanineAnez Fudging CoVid 19 Statistics

Dictator JeanineAnez Chavez:
You continue to fudge Covid19 victims statistics. You alledged Santa cruz City has 371 covid19 cases & your total is 642,
& you also alledged wednesday 63 cases in Bolivia.
A] If its 63×30 days=1890/month×5 months= 5450 cases till April rather than your false total 642 cases.
Your fudging statistics fails!
B] victims 371/city×9 urban cities
=3339 total victims
Your fudging statistics fails too!
C] You haven't reported 9 rural states× 371victims=
3339 total victims (rurals)
Per the above evidence, the real number according to your own provided statistics, is between 5450-6678 Total victims& not your fudged 642 victims
You refuse to test victims& refused for 5 months coroners death certificates not to report the real number of victims bc you are desperate to be elected for 5 years.
Yet oil price has crashed & barely 20-30 Dollars/ barril
Your GDP is contracting between 15-25% by Dicember 2020 & currently you are wasting your reserves which will lead 50-80% inflation & your economy is crashing, compounded by your political persecitions, almost 4000 fire locusts of forests, extreme drought is bringing massive famine& 45% people have no access to irrogation nor drinking water& as Covid 19 victims rises, this bolivian winter(June-August) desperate masses will be besieging your palace& your choice is to flee like Goni or end at Chonchocoro prison as narcotraficker dictator Garcia Meza& Arce Gomez, for narcotraffick and crimes against humanity!
What shall it be?

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