Leader of Life vs. Leader of Death

The leader of life vs the leader of death!

The difference between Greta the true global leader vs GasmanTrumpDaCloroquineMassGenocider is abysmal when dealing with the symbiotic existential threats; CarbonClimateCatastropheand Covid19
When Greta and her dad became Covid victims, they publicly revealed it then, quarentined themselves& survived. They asked humanity to stay home & stay safe. Nov2019 Trump got intelligence reports forewarning him of Covid19, since then Trump called it a hoax& exposed 329 million Americans to it, then asked them to take cloroquine for covid19 against medical science & the result is mass graves for innocent americans. Trump did not make America great again with unjust massive covid19 victim sacrifices!
Under the excuse of oil corporations being hurt, Trump throws trillions to carbon intoxicators, deregulated environmental laws and now is going to reopen business bc he cares not for human life but profit. With that he will cause greater global harm with covid19 & toxic 20x carbon emissions by drilling for oil in the Artic, Antartic, glaciars&Oceans& forests Our lungs will collapse to 2000mpp of toxic air and makes us easy prey to covid 19& mutating covid20. Billions may be at risk of mass virus genocide with selective racial singling out by trumps witholding anti-epidemic gear, medicines as he is done against canadians, french & Germans.
Greta the true leader leads safe digital strikes to protect school strikers and humanity by social distancing and her stay home, stay safe policy.
Greta seeks to Abrogate carbon emissions. Carbon emissions poisons and decreases our lung capacity and intoxicates it, making us easy prey to Covid19. Greta is grandchild of an early swedish scientist who vaguely forewarn us of carbon intoxication. She listens to science and scientific advice,she is constructive in her approach, transparent and doesn't seek profit at the expense of climate and humanity.
GasmanTrumpDaCloroquineMassGenocider seeks profit without caring what happens to us, hence glorifies massive death! In contract Greta seeks no profit and by leading the global movement to abrogate carbon and fight covid 19 preventivelly from home, she glorifies life and climate&cares for Mother Earth!

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