No Protective Gear - No Doctors

To: jeanineAnez
For 4 months you keep refusing to listen to Dr Felipe Campos& rejecting to finance 10 thousand beds for stricken corona victims and you do not provide protective gear nor contracts to doctors exposing their lives without social benefits.
SIRMES' Fernando Romero is repeating Dr Felipe Campos' requests but you refuse to listen. Victims are laying on the streets and funeral house staffers have no transport to pick up the dead. Now this April& May you are causing exponential corona victims, atop famined orphans& widows bc you continue deaf& unresponsive and you will find yourself without doctors& medical staff from SIRMES to deal with your own deadly designs.
And with massives epidemic deaths, unjustly you will have destroyed your nemesis environmentalists bolivians but you can't avoid your govermentment demise caused by your own irresponsible& malicious&racist policies

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