Should you trust vaccines rushed into production,w/o replication, w/o peer review

Should you trust vaccines rush-licensed & Non-lab replicated?

My roots are AmazonAndean from my grandfathers' side and Jewish from my grandmothers' side since my birth to the present.
I distantly saw the deadly effects of epidemies: Polio, cholera, whooping cough, tetanus, small pox, antavirus, dengue...&now Covid19. These epidemies have decimated indigenous like me brought by large cities dwellers. My family kept me home to protect me but I acquired small pox, itch& pain caused me to tear the affected parts, but I healed.
Most anti-epidemic vaccines caused mortal side-effects& some are more deadly than epidemic loses. Educated in some of the ten most prestigious global universities, looking hindsight & not having been vaccinated has helped my family to keep a very effective inmune system& I don't intent to become vaccinated when anti-covidVaccines are found.
I Stay safehome and once covid19 is erradicated, then I will come out from the safety of my home& won't need a vaccine bc my being a survivor of past epidemies& my doctoral education teaches me:
NO peer reviewed & No reliable empirical data & Non-lab replicated& Rushed licensed vaccines are more deadly than epidemies&are harder and/or impossible to cure & we die as sacrificed guinea pig, bc transgenic mice from labs are not 100% humanDNA & the results will be massive deads by the so called rushed licensed covid19 vaccines and/or antibody enhancing medicines or Mr Trumps Cloroquine medicines used against covid19.
I've seen vaccinated kids against measles, killed by vaccines.
Nowadays babies get 10 vaccines in their first ten months of life and countless suffer the permanent consequences of those vaccines by becoming blind, autistic, deaf, etc. They would be alive or not permanently disabled should they not have gotten vaccinated!
Should the FDA and reliable international labs replicate the findings of alleged covid19 vaccines pharmaceuticals or cures, then you will see them properly licensed and only then one may consider to become vaccinated.
Vaccines have the power to alter/mutate part or most of your antibodies for bad, or kill your inmune System.
If rushed licensed covid vaccines kill your inmune system you are certainly marked to die so premature or suddenly.
Right now GasmanTrumpDaCloroquineGenocider or Jared's advice, you should not listen nor follow their irresponsible medical practices bc cloroquine is deadly when used for covid19 and not for malaria only.
Sweedish medical researches have confirmed what I hipothesized, bc they found & have empirical evidence and replicable findings to their conclusions that cloroquine is mortal for anyone who uses it for NonMalaria maladies: Cloroquine blinds you, causes you cardiorespiratory arrest, etc.
StayhomeSafe with your children& grandchildren and don't rush for alleged covid vaccines, until they are thoroughly replicated by peers and reviewed-in-reliable labs who find the same findings the vaccine makers allege to have found.
Don't be deceived by pseudo peer reviewers who simply read the pharmaceutical data which is Non-Lab peer review, because these paper-review hired reviewers get paid big money, for deceptively endorsing false pharmaceutical findings without even putting their feet in a lab!

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