Stop forest fire, logging and Oil Subsidies

Global Forests fires have not only made millions of animals homeless & starving& pushed to urban areas & with it & red meat brought our own destruction by Dengue, Chicungunia, Hantavirus, Covid19, etc.
Global Forest fires caused by oil& meat& mining corporations have caused Covid19& with it distroys our health&economy

bc trillions of dollars are continuing to subsidize oil corporations who cryout henny penny the sky is falling, keep subsidizing us bc we are facing negative oil production prices.
Everything is finite but oil genociders cryout as pseudo victims, want to keep milking trillions$IS of subsidies& perpetuate carbon!

Let'sAbrogate toxic pandenmic carbon now and trial vaccines in a million volunteers before thinking to vaccinate humanity. And if they work without deadly side effects, then 8 billion humans are going to be okay in accepting to be vaccinated bc when trial samples r two cats and 1000 transgenic mice

that's a deadly unproven vaccine that can kill irreversibly our inmune system and we are done for!

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