The Reason Racist Narco/Aryan Anez Govt Persecutes Indigenous Leaders

Dictator JeanineAnez's henchman security czar Arturo Murillo, a narcissitic lying sociopath& as one of the heads of Anez' narcotraffic Gov, the day after indigenous Gerardo Loza
(See attached picture) denounced the dictator's cut off of energy, which caused 11 million fish deads, Murillo colluding with government lawyers, began to persecute Loza by ordering political judicialization against Loza for framed charges.
Not only sociopath Murillo is protecting his economic interests & attempting to decapitate Cochabamba tropic's indigenous unions' of their leadership, but with ongoing infiltrated provocateurs is framing to process penally local environmentalists who denounced forest fires by the cattlemen& transgenic soy& narcotrafficant Anez Gov.
Anez gov wants to frame & get rid of them under false violations of quarentine.
Anez refuses to test for CoVid& provide respirators, gloves, masks& disposable clothes for her own police, for doctors& nurses battling a lost Pandemic war, and refuses to educate unschooled indigenous people whose casualties and virus affected people, Anez consistently excludes, for they oppose her dictatorial gov and don't vote for her and she dehumanizes then just as Bolsonaro, demonizes them as satanic animals!

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