We've Driven the Penguons to Extinction, We Will be Next

BlackRock catastrophic Climate change denyers' media is silent about the glaciars& Artic and Antartic melt down & genociding species of animals through third parties and rats.
Penguins are suffering the irreversible consequences of an impending extinction at the fishermen's fishing nets& Rats(See photo) and once BlackRock and its cohorts biogenocide animals, they will tell us there is nothing to preserve and waste trillions of oil barrels& minerals& they will increase 20X toxic carbon emmissions and as most humans remained passive with crossed hands, when we let Blackrock destroy our food chain, famine, pandemics, drought, frequent multiple wars and massive deaths will be the daily normal facts! u
Unless we #AbrogateCarbonNow, extinction will be before us and when we'll see our children& grandchildren die, remember, passively we did it to ourselves for not standing with civil disobedience 8 billion strong to #AbrogateCarbonNow

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