What My Grandmother's Taught Me

For health safety we Klima-strikers kept our anticoVid protective gear & social distancing but Carbon Corporations playing the victims, have kept colluding with Govs to continue milking Trillions & billion dollars subsidies & bigger big brother governments to globally control not only Klima protestors but humanity by attemtpting to embed GPS& eavesdropping software to keep us robot-tracked to every move or word we utter so they can continue undisturbed with 20x carbon increased emissions, to keep enriching their 1% elitists & opress 8 billion humans.
This carbon corporate policies to attempt to control humanity are the same old racist Nazi & Stassi secret police policy.
I am relieved conscientious& honest scientist opposed embedding it and under false claim to protect us from CoVid, storing our private information in centralized Gov servers to extortion us& take our freedom away permanently!
My gradmothers taught me somethings no PHD education taught me:
1] The people& Gov are always struggling against one another.
2]Never trust Gov bc they are elitists seeking their self interests at the cost of the people!
3] The road to hell is paved with good intentions
4] Always question authority & oppose in big numbers every order that doesn't promote the common good of the people.
5] if what they offer you is too good, then its a pyramid scheme that will harm you!
6] A gov pattern of subsidy policies is evil, bc it will empoverish you and cost your freedom
7] A Social movement that is lead by everyone involved will survive& strengthened by each casualty your social movement of horizontal decisions, suffers
8]Single leader led social movements are set to fail& disappear once the single leader is assassinated!
Following come from my experience
9] Carbon Corporations, collude, retaliate& buyout people close to you to frame and get rid of your anticoal proposals& of you, by playing poker with all the gamblers, so not to be back stabbed find your own allies & be extracautious
10] Never take for granted the words of all carbon actors of state power showed up at the negotiation table of Paris Agreement, bc carbon corporations play third party participants to legalize carbon stock global market with carbon pricing, double carbon credit& promising you by 2050 you will get a carbon neutral world, for their words are false& unenforceable& if you want to stop carbon Pandemic #AbrogateCarbonNow, which is a billion times deadlier than CoVid Pandemic, with which carbon Corps lead by BlackRock&Trump released it to quash the global anticoal social movement!
Be safe&keep social distance but don't let the carbon Corporations' owned global media to perpetually paralize& panic you with CoVid, bc it's a global hysteria created by these carbon elitists to perpetually quash the #AbrogateCarbonNowsocialmovement!

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