Why make GMO Foods the Global King of Consumables

Why make transgenic food the global king of consumption?

Bayer transgenic TNC is stretching its global burning muscle to our global forests to make transgenic food global king.
Bayer colludes with carbon Corporations & so forth to reach their goal to control the global food market. And Bayer gets away under the mask of good intensions/"Food Security", but whose food security& what Bayer means by it?
Carbon Academia squeezed our powerful brains into a dwarf's helmet and keepsbit in there dwarfed by giving us PHD degrees which we AmazonAndeans disagree with.
Bayer is stolen humanity's property& seeds& legacy by mutating 1% out of 100% DNA & stolen 99% by patenting it as 100% property of theirs!
And now they own almost all of humanity's seeds and if you want to plant& feed yourself, you are forced to purchase from them or starve. These last orphan situation is proven by some US farmers who purchased from mills seed peels and they planted and were about to harvest when Monsanto which merged with Bayer, suit and legally outspent them and crashed them.
So this created a cuasi gl9 al monopoly market for Bayer& cohorts.
Bayer Transgenic create global economic dependency, created super weeds& super buggs & intoxication of water, soil& air& food dependency for most of humanity and still lying, hipocritically created their alleged, food security, which it means financial security only for Bayer & their carbon cohorts.
People feel ovewhelmed & submissively obey as sheep to these Carbon Death shephards, who bring death by carbon, toxic gases and toxify biodiversity. The latter means it kills organic flora and fauna, including homo sapiens.
What can we do:
Right now, collect the scarce seeds that are about to irreversibly disappeared, plant& water them. They are your means of survival& survival of humanity when after we get anticovid vaccines etc, we then can go massively in civil disobedience till we abrogate carbon Pandemic entrenched in the new global carbon stock ParisAgreement, which is a covert carbon market with carbon pricing per metric tone& double carbon credit for purchasers and sellers.
We must go with massive civil disobedience in front of oil refineries & pipelines, till we abrogate Carbon&transgenic food that produces toxic red meat & substitute them with #SolarEnergyAndVegan Global economy!

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