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To Submit or to Engage in Indefinite Civil Disobedience

  Must HongKongneers submit or engage in massive Indefinite Civil Disobedience to deter China from forceful mass deportations? Out of respect & empathy for my friends in Hong Kong, I have prayed and meditated long before writing these few lines in a simple conversation: If someone among you wants to emigrate, you do it before this unmerciful chinese beast clamps down on you. But most of you are rooted in Hong Kong like trees and can't consider being uprooted, and I respect that. But beware of China's unjust & inhumane historical policies of mass deportation and mass internment to concentration camps. You have heard but China has double-spoken about Hong Kong's Autonomy, but that is the Beijing's lip service, because in practice they are using the same principle enacted in the USA by George Bush Jr, and by that repressive principle known as NATIONAL SECURITY LAW/Patriot Act, WE AMERICANS HAVE LOST OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW THAT USED TO PROTECT US FROM GOV ABU


AnezBabylonia Chupa SangreProstitutaLadrona DelaMedia NocheAsesina Predestinada Apocaliptica @JeanineAnez Falsamente nos acusaste pero Tu 9aDivisionEjercito te desmintio xq llevo Ambulancias compradas por tu predecesor, sinProblemas. Autovictimandote intentas desviar la rabia del pueblo pero con tus multiples crisis, fracasas xq no puedes ocultar q colapsaste nuesyro sistema sanitario&tus victimas se amontonan x CoronaHambre,Corona Pandemia& desesperacion nos trae a protestar masivamente a las calles con Desobediencia Civil este Invierno! SangrientaAnezChupaSangreBabylonia AnezLaProstitutaLadronaDeLaMediaNocheAsesinaPredestinadaApocaliptica, te vas a Chonchocoro si tu amo Erick Foronda no te salva volando igual q a Goni a MiamiPequenaHabana!

Why must we shine to answer with violence, unjust violent armed white supremacists' provocations!

Why must we shine to answer with violence, unjust violent armed white supremacists' provocations? Violence is a wrong which can't right another wrong! Violence is a deliberate provocation seeking to bate the unarmed you, for them to have an excuse to hurt and/or kill you under their malicious premeditated alibi, "Felt life threatened so we shot to defend ourselves" You are unarmed& peaceful & if they get you to respond with violence, it's an infinite unjust fight because they are armed and you are not and all odds are against you. As soon as they get you to respond violently white authority which has the monopoly of force will fall on you and you will be confronting white armed supremacist plus the white armed state and that's what happened to Native Americans and most were unjustly genocided& they wrote their lying perpetual history that indians were violent salvages and the truth of dehumanizing victims got buried by the lies bei

Wake up sleep walking self righteous, self serving white carbon America...

Wake self righteous, self serving, sleepwalking white carbonAmerica: The institution of racism is older than our republic. Genocide of Native Americans, slavery & genocide of AfricanAmericans, racism, the chinese exclusion act, Japanesse internment/ concentration camps, Hispanic indefinite ice Concentration camps, deportations, genocide for interned hispanic immigrants in crowded jail infected Covid jails& prison camps, the ongoing police killings of people of color, brutalizing women of color in this Police State under Trumpfascist Gov w/ National Guard& Carbon Pandemic threatening to exctint us! #JoinPeacefulCivilDisobedienceToStopRacismAndCarbonPandemicGenocideAndPoliceState

4 our common good, we have a right to disobey unlawful orders that harm us!

4 our common good, we have the right to disobey unlawful orders that harm us! Restrained researchers when confronted with raw data showing multiple tipping climate points being exceeded, out of concern for ones own family, you've got no choice but to voice the inminent threat heading towards humanity. Scientist aligned with EXTINCION REBELLION, have agreed there is no time and no other way to stop inminent climate catastrophe but peaceful massive Civil Disobedience all over Earth, to stop 20X carbon Pandemic, which is a trillion times deadlier than the CoVid epidemic we're confronting nowadays! G7, BRICKS, UN, NATO have not solve the Carbon Pandemic threat against Humanity. On the contrary for half a century has spoken rethorically but done nothing to abrogate the Carbon Pandemic but increased it 5x and perpe- tually subsidized it, even now as we confront the CoVid Pandemic, Trump, Merkel, Macron...governments keep smoozing and increasing carbon subsidies under the excuse o

please keep 6 feet apart...

Please keep 6 ft apart to survive! We AmericanBolivian indigenous environmentalists, have brains to see the facts and not continue to be deceive by illusions& empty words by BlackRock&Carbon cohorts, who broadcast to the four corners of Mother Earth, harmful antiindigenous policies! BlackRock&carbonCohortsmanipulated & colluded with V Paz Estensoro, Goni Sanchez, Mesa Gisbert, Evo, Anez Camacho V to continuo their increase carbon emissions. Ask yourself what all the deceptive rethoric of revolutionary Nationalization& land reform, MonoPaz& EvoCoca got for us Indigenous AmericanBolivians? Nothing but Increase of Latifundio in Pando, Beni Santacruz& LaPaz's Amazonia& increase of Mining corporate interests for the Latifundio& mining Robber barons Landivar, Jeanine Anez, Doria Medina, Costas, Ortiz, Camacho. What did Evo& Anez destructive& deadly policies were for us indigenous? Evo caused 10 million hectares of forests fires& Ane

Join Civil Disobedience or resign yourself....

To Abrogate Carbon You must #JoinCivilDisobedience or resign yourself to become genocided& Extinct! BlackRock& Carbon Cohorts through their global controlled media have drowned conspiracy theories which implicitly have the potential to expose BlackRock& Cohorts have known and have conspired to melt the glaciars and Artic& Antartic polar ice to steal it from humanity by seizing them by means of their controlled governments who are burning the forests of the world, to enrich themselves with industrial transgenic farming & red meat. You remember Since 1980, there has been over 7 million humans genocided by carbon pandemic annually, and this year 2020, BlackRock and cohirts as transnational actors of supranational State actirs of power, have added the CoVid Pandemic to the Carbon Pandemic which has infinite power to extinct our humanity! BlackRock& carbon cohorts through their lip service have deceived us into nelievong they want to reach carbon neutral and pl

Why are we letting cold racist police executions of people of color....

Why are we letting cold racist police executions of people of color perpetuate in America inmune& impunely? I am not questioning the good parents in the police force. I am questioning why we as a society are allowing racist police executions of people of color, perpetuate inmune& impunely. Officers know once a suspect is cuffed, he is no more a danger& the police is on control of the cuffed suspect& officers know shock holds are forbidden by law&training and they know where the shock holding is by arm or by using any limb, it is still a forbidden shock hold. But most still have the old school indoctrination. "I'd rather face 12(jurors) than be carried by six(to the cemetery)" It' been decades since we faced what Floyd's deadly experience, but we were lucky to survive & tell shock holds are deadly and though they have been forbidden since then, police officers & jailors through America still do and if they get caught, they do admini

Dictator JeanineAnez u say happy mothers day but u keep killing us...!

Dictator JeanineAnez U say happy mothers day but you are killing us...! Dictator JeanineAnez U say happy mothers day but mercilessly you are killing our children with Covid-famine! Dictator JeanineAnez U say happy mothers day but unremorseful you are denying our children reactive Covid tests& respirators& hospital beds& killing them with your italian inmigrants imported CoVid! Dictator JeanineAnez U say happy mothers day but you are premeditedly killing us... by orderong senior citizens must die to save young military& policemen to give them the scarce medicines we have! Dictator JeanineAnez U say happy mothers day but you are killing us... by having prematurely ended the quarentine to do carbon business as usual! Dictator JeanineAnez U say happy mothers day but you are killing us... by stealing millions of indebted dollars which were allocated to fight CoVid! Dictator JeanineAnez U say happy mothers day but you are killing us..! Dictator Jeanin

Anez manipulating TCP& TSE, is attempting to perpetuate in Bolivia!

Dictator Anez manipulates Judicial TCP& Electoral branches, attempting to perpetuate in power Nov12 Dictator Anez who imported from italian migrants Covid Pandemia and it's using itto cling to power, got May26th 2020 her colluding Judicial TCP accomplice admit her appeal of inconstitutionality's to art 2 of the mandatory 90 day election law which was going to bar her from getting any extension of power based on her perpetual excuse of Covid Pandemia. BlackRock&Cia have been using CoVid Pademia to impose on many countries antidemocratic Authoritarianism & racist JeanineAnez Gov is one of them! This collusion happens after the TCP knew yesterday May25th, her colluding accomplice Dictator Anez paraded people along with the TCP, officially declared Bolivians out of danger of Covid and ended CoVid quarentine in Bolivia. Today May 26th, TCP ruled admitting her appeal not to have elections by August 3 2020 under the excuse the Pandemia is a danger to Bolivian voters.

A Miguel Romero& oficiales de las FFAA de Bolivia!

A Miguel Romero& los officiales de las FFAA de Bolivia: La Pandemia Covid destrozo la economia global y tambien la Boliviana, q junto con la inflacion, corona hambre, incontables incendios forestales, transgenicos y repressiones y genocidios q Anez & R Orellana les han ordenado, ahora existe Corona hambre e inestabilidad e ingobernabilidad en Bolivia, la cual esta siendo agravada con amenazas de ultimatum de Orellana y este venidero AnezAutogolpe. El Dr Felipe Campos ya nos ha demostrado q Anez& Orellana quieren q Uds clausuren el congreso q esta nueva dictadura con estado de sitio permanente materoalizarahadta el 17 de julio 2020. Bolivia esta en estado ingobernable q se repite el ciclo-de- julio-1980-ahora-Julio2020. Recuerden a sus maestros y viejos comandantes q se han jubilado& algunos ya descansan en la tumba: Guido Vildodoso por orden& acuerdo de los comandantes de grandes y pequenas guarniciones entrego el poder a Siles Suazo xq Bolivia estaba bancarr

We stand for Doctors & nurses& CoVid Victims!

We stand for Doctors& nurses& CoVid victims @JeanineAnez Dictadora: What part of the irresponsible, malicious& racist deads you caused you don't understand? You genocided countless indigenous environmentalist refusing to quarentine in Dec 2 2019! You keep genociding indigenous by having purchased 9+ 170 useless& 29 times higher overpriced respirators, after having rejected Nal made respirators 29 times cheaper than your imported respirators! You deny us military physicians, medicines& 12 million reactive CoVid tests and you have too prematurelly ended quarentine on May 25th 2020 & are massively spreading out by parading people on the streets to celebrate your alleged greatness? Greatness for having genocided us in Sacaba& Senkata. Greatness for having stolen countless millions of dollars for reactive test kids& medical equipmente and hire physicians, which you never provided. Hence you colapsed the sanitary hospital health system with an expo

unpunished seditious threateners will impose Martial law dictatorship

   Refusing to punish seditious threateners, we got martial law dictatorship! Those are the words of one of countless Dictator Garcia Meza's arrested, tortured& exiled innocent young victims& survivor Dr Felipe Campos, who Jeanine Anez& Karen Longaric keep in exile after he dared to request to them Dec 2 2019, to quarentine Bolivia. BlackRock&Cia instructed their contractees Anez& Orellana, move the chess pieces to come out from a loosing Covid Pandemia war& loosing presidential bid, before elections! Using as excuse the Covid Pandemia not to have elections, Anez is desperate to cling to power through TCP& Congress' legal extensions for her transitory presidency which expires mid July 2020 Unlike last January's congressional extension for Anez, recently Congress implicitly refused her a second 6 month presudencial extension& since TCP is delayed, her contractors had Anez move her chess pieces to remain in power. But according to veteran

You made your bed, you lay on it!

You made your bed, you lay on it! @carlosDmesag @LuisFerCamachoV : Following orders from your contractor BlackRock& Cia, you both took part on the Nov12 Coup D'etat &you put in power @JeanineAnez, aided her to perpetuate on January 21 2020. Your Latifundio& Colluding Mining cohorts advised Anez to reject the December 2 2019 Anez exiled environmentalist indigenous leader Dr Felipe Campos' request to quarentine Bolivia, began arsoning our forests to steal 10 million hectars for your Transgenic interests& when Covid Pandemia began to proliferate the first days of May you kept silendvalong with Anez & when mid May the health System began to colapse& Covid famine shoot high, lukewarm you tried to distance yourselves from your cohort Anez to save your failing presidential candidacy & now you cryout as hysteric people against the Pandemia you along Anez rejected early Dec 2019. You guys have countless millions of dollars, how come you haven't pu

Jeanine Anez Juez & parte demandada!

Jeanine Anez juez&parte demandada @JeanineAnez nos estas irresponsablemente robando 3 millones y maliciosamente estan desviando la atencion con tu creado falsa telenovela q tiene conflicto de interes xq eres parte demandada y juez, de este robo, "Ordene investigacion...caiga quien caiga" con protagonistas manipulados por tu Gob: Humerez, la varte tus manos ladronas. #DisobedienciaCivilAbrogaraRobosporAnezYrenunciara

J Anez you must hold elections within 90 days!

J Anez you must hold elections within 90 days! DIctator Jeanine Anez' military henchmen& coup backer Teamsters and latifundio, mining& oil are inmunee& impune & are rewarded by Anez while she retaliates against indigenous Americans for opposing her dictatorship, cold& calculating retaliation causes Covid famine, 25% unemployment etc. Matter of fact. Monday May25 her accomplices go back to work, while we american indigenous are by scores arrested allegedly for breaching her laws and being falsely accused as conspirators against her government for not acceptin to keep postponing presidential elections and demanding bolivian elections be held within 90 days And si she retaliates by doubling utilities costs& she denies us wages& keeps us suffering Covid famine and those indigenous like Andronico Rodriguez, Anez forbid him under penalty charges from driving to give away fresh organic vegetables& fruits to other indigenous. We're sick and tired

Can new military Coup D'etat Makers survive 5 years in power?

Can new military Coup D'etat Makers survive 5 years in power? J Anez's exiled moral foe, Dr Felipe Campos presented early tonight a lecture with the above heading and I pass it on to you, in my own simple words: I've experienced to a lesser or a major degree the different Coup makers from the decade of the fifties to Garcia Meza-Arce Gomez dictators. Sadly for us environmentalist indigenous people's of the Americas we experienced the colonialists opression at the hands of the colonial and nowadays a neocolonial institution of the armed forces, whose caudillos live & enjoy an undeserveda luxury 100% retirment pension, while we their opressed tax payers, live a life of deprivations & currently mist of our people are suffering Pandemia Famine, countless forest fires, transgenics and now experience another ultimatum with an implicit Coup D'etat in the making threatening to close our last remaining Democratic fort and Congress from this very colonial opressiv

Alerta x causa de Ultimatum militar: Ascensos!

ALERTA X Causa de ultimatum militar: Ascensos! @Eva_Copa_Bol @Sergio_Choque_S Congresistas peruanos sorprendidos igual q Uds cuando Anez con faccion militar execute&Cierre ALP, nos busquen& executen igual q a Marcelo Q SCZ? Enjuicien Anez sediciosa & violadora de la CPE, antes q illegalmente nos arresten relocalicenze diariamente pa burlar arrestos& continuemos con nuestro deber patriotico de Defender nuestra Democracia, CPE&resistir AutogolpeDAnez& Orellana, q buscan gobernar por decreto luego de q cierren nuestra ALP!

Anez moves to govern without congress& by decree only!

Anez moves to govern without Congress& by Decree only! The strings of fascist LatifundioMineColluders having reached its stretching limits, begins to squeze the necks of the Nov12 CoupMakers Carlos Mesa, JeanineAnez, Fernando Lopez, Arturo Murillo, Yerko Nunez, Doria Medina, Tuto Quiroga, Lucifer Camacho, Marco their own actions & to try to spare themselves Mesa lukewarmly tries to set himself in the opposition but his lukewarm words fail to persuade voters and as a recent poll, shows him at 19%, Anez at 15%, Camacho at 3%, Tuto at 1%, Chi Hyun 1%, as cobsequence of Pandemia deaths, countless firest fires, support for Transgenics& unemployment and CoVid famine. MAS has gained cohesion and support under Arce-Choquehuanca and the actions of Its legis lo ature muscle and law calling for elections within 90 days! CoVid the winning hand of Anez-Doria Medina is gained life of its own & its costly politically& socially to her Govt& candidacy! Dictator A

DeFacto Anez Clasura al promover ascensos militares por Decreto!

DeFacto Anez clausura Congreso al promover ascensos militares x Decreto! Evidencia q desenmascara en Bolivia vivimos bajo dictadura&Anez asciende a sus escogidos pa materializar pronto su AnezFujimorazo Autogolpe pa clausurar nuestro congreso en medio de exponencial Pandemia& escandolosos robos de dineros del pueblo q demuestran Anez nos esta genocidando con Pandemia, incendios forestales descontrolados, transgenicos& represiones fisicas y financieras y con CoVid Hambre! Rechazamos violacion& demandamosALP enjuice& remuevaGolpeadora Jeanine Anez q intenta clausurar nuestro Congreso! DesobedienciaCivilHasta AbrogarCoVidyAnezAutogolpista

To be or not to be! We are the bees!

To be or not to be! We are the bees! The people's Respirator defrauder Dictator Anez, finds herself before IME Consulting, "Pay the reminder or don't get software" for 170 intensive unit useless respirators. IME's ultimatum agravates J Anez respirators scandal. CoVid intensive therapy patients good respirators need to survive but not these useless ones. IME, the seller has been changing facts& financial figures to protect itself& Anez Gov but not at the cost of loosing ill gotten profits, reason why IME gave the ultimatum. But to cover her butt& paying expensive media coverage Anez is began a pseudo investigation, criminal trials& save her floundering presidential reeleccion. An election she didn't qualify, can't win at the voting booths & doesn't want the election at the present bc she will losse it to her CoVid exposed&hurt environmentalist indigenous opponents, which she racially hates and publicly as Bolsonaro called t

J Anez firma responsabilizandotevx muertes x ordenar medicinas prohibidas!

JeanineAnez: No te responsabilizas por rechazar cuarentenar Bolivia en Dic2019! Vas a responsabilizarte x matar con mortales neurotoxicoMercurio/Thimerosal&Ivermectina& Hidrocloroquine q impones x fuerza? FirmaTu responsabilidad pa compensarVictimas de estas medicinas prohibidas matan pacientes con embolismos, ataques al corazon, fallos renales e higado!

Unete a Desobedencia civil contra #CoronaHambre...

Unete a la Desobediencia Civil contra #CoronaHambre... Con la intension de encubrir su colusion ilegal por los respiradores, el Ministro de salud Navajas dio una implicita alerta y liberacion del contrato de importacion de respiradores a IME Consulting Global Service, pa q su complice Ignacio Mazarrasa el Exportador, "Ignacio haz todo lo que tengas que hacer " En efecto Ignacio Mazarrasa el dueno y gerente de IME admitio al desconocido periodista de pag 7 q no participaron de ninguna convocatoria/licitacion de compra publica para lograr el contrato de venta de sus respiradores, q la manera q consiguio el contrato de venta fue mediante una implicita colusion con Navajas y los brazos derechos del ministro Navajas. Y admitio y a pesar q sus respiradores no tenian licencia de software/patente de la UE, Mazarrasa & navajas apresuraron su negociado de respiradores sin software & ambos acordaron no cumplir con el contrato firmado q imponia q el gasto completo de transpo

Abrogate dictator Anez who plays with our lives!

Abrogate dictator Anez, who plays with our lives! Dictator Anez propaganda Blitzkrieg which has cost over 50 millon dollars of tax payers money, money that Pandemia victims desperatelly need, has been wasted and firing her contracted media hasn't worked and she is experiencing multiple growing crisis. Erick Foronda, Yerko Nunez, her lover Arturo Murillo blame all these growing failures are bc she is a candidate but the factual evidence absolutely proves that's another big lie of the countless' Gov lies Anez has comitted. She says she is creating 600K jobs in times of Pandemia& tiressless &unsuccessfully repeats she wants to save the people but but her actions keeps hurting them. Case in point respirators equivalent to Respira, which Bolivian electromechanic Mambus sell for a mere thousand dollars, she paid 29K dollars for 170 of them to GPE Innova& is blaming her subalterns for obeying her orders to purchase them & now that everyone is questioning her,

Lying & blaming your subalterns!

Anez u keep lying& blaming your subalterns! JeanineAnez: U r killing us with CovidFamine, transgenics,forest fires,persecutions exiles, Respira scandal, Pandemia, refusing us elections&Ur upcoming Auto CoupD'etat speaks louder than your lies& the people is famined, &sick&tired of U Why do u keep lying& blaming for your corruption to your subalterns? #AnezResignNowOrFaceGenocideProsecution

Obedeces a Dictadora Anez& ella te culpa de sus actos!

Obedeces a dictadora Anez& ella te culpa de sus malos actos! Estas evidencias confirman multiples crisis q Anez experiencia pero lo hiriente es mientras sufrimos Pandemia, Anez viola las leyes& malversa continuamente recursos del Estado q cuestan la vida de pacientes y lo tragico es q Anez nunca acepta su culpa,&causa subalternos sufrirlos

Anez no quieres elecciones, pero si perpetuarte!

Anez no quieres elecciones pero si perpetuarte! Dictadora JeanineAnez: Ocultandote de las consequencias de tus politicas, robos por 170+ 500 ventiladores & aun rehuzas hacer pruebas corona al pueblo, despues de haber parcialmente normalizado actividades con tu cuarentena dinamica, tus incendios forestales, tu corona hambre y el estallido de tu pandemia importada de Italia, ayuda a tu agenda de perpetuarte en el poder: Demoras cumplimiento de la ley 1297 con tus 2 apelaciones al TCP e instruiste a tu complice TSE q no fijen fecha de campagnas ni fecha de elecciones pa tu plan A o plan B. Plan A pa q si tu TCP falla a favor tuyo obtendras 6 meses de prorroga pa q te recuperes en las encuestas y poder ganar elecciones. Plan B, cuando el TCP no falle a tu favor, vas a Autogolpearte & clausurando el congreso, te perpetuaras y despues de varios anos, convocaras elecciones y calculas q ganaras & te perpetuaras y enriqueceras privadamente con el trillonario Litio q ya secret

Anez Respira Escandalo crece fuera de control!

Anez Respira escandalo fuera de control se dispara! El servicio de los labios mentirosos de la DictadoraAnez q nos genocida con Corona Pandemia&Corona tiene limites. El Anez Coludidor fabricante Innova no tiene patente aprobada por la UE& y pa protegerse contra sus vendidos ilegales respiradores sin Patente & proteger a Anez, rechazo transparentar cuantos internediarios& por cuanto vendieron sus respiradores vendidos en el mercado x 9kDolares pero importados por Anez x29Kdolares/unidad. El escandaloso corrupto dictador Anez rechaza transparentar, rechaza hacer pruebas de Ciri a pa no admitir q su Pandemia importada de Italia ha causado incontables miles de muertos y estimados medio millon de contagiados en el area rural y su sistema de salud esta colapsado y los pocos muertos x Pandemia solo provienen de los pocos hospitales& clinicas y aun sus pacientes policias q la dictadora interno en hoteles de lujo muy caros, van muriendo por Pandemia, incluido s

Unete al Pueblo pa Abrogar Transgenicos!

Unete al pueblo pa abrogar Transgenicos! Aun despues de recibir las quejas firmadas de 15K firmantes y cientos de NGO y oganizaciones, Anez continua contra nosotros los indigenas, con su agenda antindigena de permanentemente genocidar nuestros alimentos como el trigo, el maiz, el algodon, cana de azucar y soya y tambien genocida irreversiblemente nuestro incario patrimonio de biodiversidad, con sus mortales decretos 3973& ley 741q genocidan millones de animalitos sin darles tiempo de escapar de incontables focos de incendios forestales q Anez comete y supera doblemente los incendios de Mesa& Evo. Anez la latifundista rosquera minera con sus complices criminales internos CAO, ANAPO...le mete todo vale, incendiando incluso nuestros parques& reservas Naturales! fo El mortal Canceroso Glifosato q causa Mutaciones humanas en los bebes q tenemos, es usado junto con excesivos multiples agrotoxicos q intoxican irreversiblemente nuestris alimentos, suelo, agua aire. Q respiramos

Have ears & eyes? Then listen& take action now!

Have ears& eyes?Then listen& take action now! We indigenous of the Americas, have experienced Genocide by the hand of European colonizers since Columbus arrival to our homes. In fact we suffered genocide by military force & by biowarfare. Suffice to name The mexicas genocide with small pox transmitted by african captive victims of Small pox brought to the Americas by the Spanish forces, etc, which decimated the world's most populous cities& cultures of then. Year 2019, a Harvard researcher + 4 Americanchinesse researchers created and spread it and the rest of the world, we are experiencing the same old biowarface, this time CoVid& CarbonPandemia. You BlackRock& Cia want our indigenous lands, the lungs of our world! Yes you coveat our lands to impose your transgenic plants, superbacteria&supper weed, red meat, mining and oil drilling& water! The same old way G7& BRICS citizens passively watch while we indigenous are being biowarfare genocide

Protestan en apoyo de nuestros hermanos de Kara Kara!

4 multidudes de Auto convocados protestan en apoyo de nuestros hermanos de Kara Kara! Las protestas de invierno en apoyo de nuestros hermanos de Kara Kara, aumentan con bloqueos en proximidades de Copacabana al norte de El Alto, Eucaliptos en Oruro, Yapacani en Santa Cruz& Machaca en Potosi! Todos los 5 multitudes autoConvocadas de bloqueadores patriotas, defienden nuestra democracia y nuestro derecho al voto y a elegir nuestro futuro presidente y legisladores/congresistas, dentro de los 90 dias q la representativa ALP de nuestros pueblos plurinacionales, aprobo. Por el futuro de nuestros hijos e hijas y pa sobrevivir debemos apoyarlos auto convocandonos, xq Anez bajo la excusa de la Pandemia, Defacto con su cancelacion de las elecciones de Mayo3 y con sus apelaciones a su comprado y controlado TCP y la admision del coludidor TSE q a proposito no han preparado el calendario de campagnas ni la fecha de elecciones, absolutamente nos prueba y reconfirma, q Anez no quiere eleccione

Anez nos roba& decepciona a nuestro pueblo

Anez nos roba y decepciona a nuestro pueblo al no comprar respiradores nacionales! Despues de pagar x 170 respiradores espanoles Respira, coludidores& defraudadores de la dictadura Anez, se robaron+ de Sus 3millones, mientras sermonean sus maravillas pero maliciosamente aplastaron a nuestros electromecanicos bolivianos como Mambu, cuyo respirador cuesta mil modestos dolares vs 27.500-29k. No solo nos condena a morir con Pandemia pero cuanto mas se roban en l350 o 500 respiradores q importaran? Importando es facil robar! Ademas del Dr F Campos, nuestro hermano Sergio M L investigo! DM(R)

Is Carlos D Mesa-G a Caudillo or a Leader?

Is CarlosDmesag a caudillo or a leader? The above belongs yo one of counteless lectures which Mallku-Amauta DrFelipe Campos has given. I share it with you his humble lecture given in words of people on the streets, practicing democracy on the streets on a daily basis and not of academia living inside an elitist bubble: "NoCarlos refused to assist the meeting to defed our Democracy" Said over the phone Marcelo Quiroa SCZ, of paceno Carlos D Mesa Gisbert. That was the parting g words of my friend Marcelo! Few hours later the Coup makers Garcia Meza&ArceGomez had executed the greatest orator of the Americas and throughy life, his words from time to time kept echoing during my later detention& later exile. And i asked myself is Mesa a caudillo or a leader? After the genocidal dictatorship of Garcia Meza, H Siles S came and his govt was short lived and sabotaged by the right wing parties& misguided actions of the COB and the absent cowardice of Mesa. V Paz E b

Que podemos esperar de la AdulteraDictadoraAnez?

Q podemos esperar de la #AdulteraDictadoraAnez pintandose de benevolente&salvadora? Esperamos su AnezFujimorazoAutogolpe!Presentemente, Anez nos esta matando a nuestras hermanas/os con sus hechos maliciosos: Coludiendo con algunos del BID⪙ fabricante espagnol, Anez alega q pa salvarnos compro respiradores. La verdad es q nos robo: 170×29k/respirador=Casi tres millones de dolares, xq solo valen 6k-9k$/respirador Y nos endeudo xcasi 4 millones dolares al BID! Los medicos q son los mas injustamente corona contagiados & mueren injustamente por corona, xq Anez no provee trajes, etc anticorona y no pueden usar estos 170 respiradores xq no ayuda a los pacientes y pone al 90% en peligro de muerte de acuerdo con la Organiz d Salud mundial/OMS y son totalente inservibles para el paciente q al no poder respirar estando en terapia intensiva, muere y el medico q se atrevio a conectarlo a estos respiradores espanoles inservibles, es enjuiciado por negligencia profesional, Si lo enjuic

Invierno Pueblo Unido a las calles...!

Invierno Pueblo unido A las calles contra Corona Hambre...! J Anez no quiere elecciones xq por su importada Pandemia, coronaHambre, incendios Forestales, transgenicos& persecuciones no hay manera q gane! Gobernaba solo por prorrogas. Compro armas de represion contra Kara Kara protestadores y pa no salir del poder y no permitir Eva Copa ascienda por ser sucesora presidencial, xq este mes de Julio expira Anez con sus 6 meses q en Enero recibio. En caso TCP no de veredicto prohibiendo elecciones de Agosto2, entonces, Anez sale del poder. BlackRock&Cia financiaron Anez pa q ejecute un AnezFujimorazo y cierre nuestro congresoALP. Perdio la Pandemia en Europa, q ya abrio fronteras y gente viaja normalmente con su derechoShengen por toda Europa pero a nosotros, Anez nos paraliza e inconstitucionalmente nos encarcela injustamente alegando violacion de su Pandemia importada y nos mata con Corona hambre e incendios Forestales y con Pandemia Anez siembra panico e histeria Pandemic

Apoyemos a nuestros hermanos de Kara Kara!

Apoyemos a nuestros hermanos de KaraKara! Excluyendo medicos, Anez hizo negociados ilegales& trajo cientos de respiradores q no sirven pa terapia intensiva, causa muertos xPandemia& Coronahambre Prematura y erradamente Anez levanto cuarentena de trabajadores mineros El sistema de salud en Bolivia esta en colapso& cuesta la vida de corona-pacientes crucenos& Benianos en mayor numero, aun cuando Bolivia no ha alcanzado el pico de infecciones q vendra en julio justo en medio de agravadas multiples crisis q van creciendo en 9 ciudades mas grandes de Bolivia. Anez ha perdido el control la crisis creciente de Pandemia y los miles de incontables incendios forestales, la corona hambre q nos hace sufrir, los forzados exiliados contagiados durmiendo con los sanos en Chile y los multiples bloqueos en Bolivia q van creciendo dia por dia, siedo el mas graveel de kara kara, q recibe mas apoyo de parte de crecientes protestas en el interior de Bolivia. Anez& su amante,el #C