2nd great defeat suffers Dictator& Human rights' violator Anez in Bolivia!

Fascist DictatorAnez had been framing and prosecutig innocent Bolivians for peacefully expressing their opinions of dissent with her Authoritarian-Autocratic regime, even for posting parody caricatures.
She is building a Terrorist State with draconian inquisitive laws issued not by Congress but her supreme decrees.
Like genocider Garcia Meza, J Anez was terrorizing even caritcaturist Abecor, for drawing parodies of her human rights' violations, much like Arce Gomez who death sentenced journalists to walk with a last will, under their arms for criticizing his government.
Anez ministers were threatening the same way.
Like before, exiled Dr Felipe Campos whose posting are blocked by her government, along countless journalists& Bolivians and NGOs complaint and ALP and the peoples defender filed appeals against her DS4231 that gaggs and forbids freedom of speech as unconstitutional.
HRW, OAS Wrote Anez requesting she abrogates her unconstitutional DS4231 etc, and gribding her teeth and while pending a verdict from her TCP judiciary, afraid of growing street protests and street blockages becoing multiplied from Kara Kara, Cochabamba, to the rest of Bolivia, Anez gave up bc she knew while waiting another 6 months extension in office, she couldn't prevail in daily clashes of his military-police agaibst the people and would be defeated so she just announced she is abrogated her DS4231!
We the people defeated her on regards to DS4231!
We are still not going to depose our peaceful struggle bc she is not abrogated yet her transgenic decree and don't believe she is not authorize transgenic produccion against our co nstitucion, against life and against the people. She hadn't stopped burning 10 millionforests hectars, nor purchased anti corona/CoVid equipment so we will continue it, till this

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