4 our common good, we have a right to disobey unlawful orders that harm us!

4 our common good, we have the right to disobey unlawful orders that harm us!

Restrained researchers when confronted with raw data showing multiple tipping climate points being exceeded, out of concern for ones own family, you've got no choice but to voice the inminent threat heading towards humanity.
Scientist aligned with EXTINCION REBELLION, have agreed there is no time and no other way to stop inminent climate catastrophe but peaceful massive Civil Disobedience all over Earth, to stop 20X carbon Pandemic, which is a trillion times deadlier than the CoVid epidemic we're confronting nowadays!
G7, BRICKS, UN, NATO have not solve the Carbon Pandemic threat against Humanity. On the contrary for half a century has spoken rethorically but done nothing to abrogate the Carbon Pandemic but increased it 5x and perpe- tually subsidized it, even now as we confront the CoVid Pandemic, Trump, Merkel, Macron...governments keep smoozing and increasing carbon subsidies under the excuse of jobs.
What do you need a carbon job for, when our families and ourselves will be famined& killed by cancers caused by Carbon Pandemic floodding our lungs& organs?
XR Climate scientists leading about 400 scientists, have sounded the SOS to join Civil Disobedience as a moral duty to rebel and stop Carbon Pandemic from unleashing its massive genocide against humanity!
We can't sit and stop it from behind our desks or meekly& blindly say I can only do my carbon job, to go back to normality!
There is no way to go back to normal carbon business as usual, bc we are in trouble, deep trouble bc with Carbon Pandemic our Mother Earth dies and we agonize and die as humanity and our grave stone will read something like, "We heard the scientists SOS call, to join massive civil Disobedience& hid our heads like ostriches under the sand to hide, but perished and went extinct along with our dead planet, we float lifeless..."
No, no no!
Let's not be blindly obedient like nazis, we are peaceful citizens, who for our common good, have the right to disobey unlawful orders that harms us since the times of Grotus, the wise GraecoRoman philosopher!
BlackRock, Carbon Cohorts&Gov orders us to work. But let's listen to the scientists, science research and scientific data and 6 feet from each other let's clear ourselves to #JoinCivilDisobedience to start stopping the Carbon Pandemic, bc our children& ourselves have the right to live and disobey Gov's unlawful deadly orders and begin stopping the carbon Pandemic with #Massive CivilDisobedienceAroundOilRefineries...

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